Vaping Etiquette: Lest You Forget!

May 2, 2023

Vaping Etiquette. The Dos and Dont's

Vaping Etiquette 2023: Back To The Basics

We live in interesting times. Not long ago, smoking was viewed as this cool pastime that everyone wanted in on. People used to smoke everywhere, from offices, to buses and just about every other public space. Yes, we are talking about the ‘90s, not post World War 1.

As the world increasingly grew more health-conscious, cigarettes became frowned upon and today, it’s fair to say the ground has shifted and smokers find themselves in the minority. Smoking in public these days will attract the most condescending side eyes. It almost feels like a crime, and smokers are feeling the penalty where it counts most: in the pocket.

Considered a safer alternative and the lesser evil – with Public Health England maintaining it’s 95% healthier than smoking – vaping has proved a refuge for many smokers who have ‘seen the light’.

However, just because vaping does not pose the same risk to secondary users as cigarettes does not give you carte blanche to light up in the train or blow vapour in people’s faces. Well, there are indeed characters who do that and it has caused the community as a whole a bad rap.

As an evolved human, it is important to be cognisant of people’s feelings and to respect everyone’s space. It is called being civilised.

With the number of vapers ever increasing by the year, we deemed this an opportune time to serve up a few reminders. Because while vaping might be the best lifestyle change you’ve made in your life, it’s worth remembering that not everyone swears by the same gospel as you. This particularly goes to fresh recruits and relatively new converts.

Here then, are some do’s and don’ts on vaping etiquette to polish up on, starting with the latter…

Vaping Etiquette: The Dont's

AVOID Being Condescending To Smokers

Converts can be the worst fanatics. Like vegans who suddenly make it their life purpose to castigate anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their doctrine and think cow milk is a form of animal cruelty – or fitness buffs who cannot stop harping on about the benefits of keeping fit and clean eating to anyone who cares to listen – in truth, this sort of attitude tends to have an opposite effect.

It’s a free world and people are entitled to their own life choices, so live and let live. It’s good to point out the benefits of vaping to smokers close to you, but you don’t have to rub it in. Don’t be that vaper who chastises smokers as what this is likely to do is drive them away or breed contempt; probably both.

AVOID Vape Snobbery

There is a tendency by a certain section of vapers to think their e-cig devices are above everyone else’s or their e-liquid choices are ‘it’.

But just because you’re using a bespoke mechanical mod doesn’t mean the vaper with the tiny pod kit doesn’t know what they are doing. Or just because you swear by Bar Works offerings doesn’t mean the brand’s products are everyone’s cup of tea and they need to be on the same bandwagon.

Everyone has their own preferences, and always remember that vaping is not a one-size-fits-all affair. If it works for you, it doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to for the next person.

AVOID Shaming Newbies

Everyone has a different starting point to their vaping journey. While you may pride yourself as a vape veteran, you too were a noob at some point.

Nobody is a gatekeeper for the culture and you should not try to act as one. This sort of elitist attitude is unlikely to win you any fans.

AVOID Vaping In Public Spaces

Look, vaping may be promoted as a healthier smoking alternative, but that does not give you liberty to vape anywhere you feel like, double so in prohibited areas.

Lighting up in closed areas can particularly be annoying for the non-vapers in your midst, especially if you’re vaping a sub-ohm juice that billows out enough vapour to blot out the sun.

Be considerate of other people and if you must vape, always ASK before vaping around others. Do this and nobody should have any problem with you. If anything, it’s likely to invite some curiosity and who knows, you may just end up making a friend or two!

Not that you’re out on a charm campaign to win over friends, but you get the idea…

AVOID Blowing Vapour In People’s Faces

Again, this is all about courtesy. Unless you are a two-year-old toddler (in which case you shouldn’t be vaping) blowing vapour in people’s faces is just inexcusable and paints you as an arrogant inconsiderate fool.

Why would anyone in their right senses do that?

AVOID Stealth Vaping And Vaping In Confined Spaces

This is particularly a common one among newbie vapers. We get it, vape clouds are fun, but you don’t have to push it, especially if you’re out in public and there are non-vapers around you.

Once you get the hang of vaping, you will realise how embarrassing being ‘that guy’ looks.

Always reserve cloud vaping for when you are at home or in the company of fellow vapers.

Likewise, avoid stealth vaping in shared spaces and prohibited areas. Pulling this off doesn’t make you smart: it means you just haven’t been caught yet. And it’s annoying.

AVOID Using Someone Else’s Setup Without Their Consent

Like, who even does that?!

Sure, it’s common for vapers to hand over their e-cigs to friends to get a feel of the device or try out some mind-blowing flavour. However, few will appreciate having their vapes grabbed without permission.

Unless that’s how the two of you operate, always ask first before using someone’s vaporiser (if you must!) and don’t catch feelings if your mate doesn’t seem comfortable with the whole idea.

AVOID Vaping In Front Of Pets and Children

Some kids and pets can be sensitive to vapour.

Just as conscious smokers avoid smoking in the vicinity of children and pets, if you can, always walk away for a puff when in the presence of a dog or toddler.

Vaping Etiquette: The Do’s

The proper vape etiquette basically entails doing the opposite of the don’ts we have outlined.

To add to that, here are a few other reminders to keep in mind:

DO Use Common Sense

This particularly applies to vaping areas. If it doesn’t seem or feel right to vape at a certain place, it likely isn’t a good idea. Confined spaces, as we mentioned, are a no-no. Same case with shared spaces such as offices, theatres, public transportation, hospitals and more.

Some pubs and restaurants may also have their own rules about vaping, so always check up with them before lighting up.

DO Familiarise Yourself With Vaping Regulations

Whether it’s around your area or when travelling, it never hurts to look up what the vaping regulations in the respective location stipulate.

As vaping continues to come under increased scrutiny and regulation, it might be subject to laws and restrictions in some locations and it would be in your best interests to make sure you’re not breaking any rules.

DO Inform If Approached

As much as you vape for your own personal reasons, as a vaper, don’t shy away from vouching for the lifestyle. When people approach you about your vaping habit, you don’t have to be defensive: outline its benefits with confidence and credibility.

However, avoid going overboard with the preaching and turning it into a vaping summon.

Follow these vaping do’s and don’ts and life as a vaper should be more habitable.

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