May 24, 2023


If you are on the market for a disposable nic salt vaporiser that is highly portable, affordable, and a cinch for beginners, then look no further.

At a Glance If you are on the market for a disposable nic salt vaporiser that is highly portable, affordable, and a cinch for beginners, then look no further. The Nano Disposable Salt Nic line is the latest offering from Aqua Vape and is based on the latest industry trends. It makes use of Nic Salt (nicotine salts) which are based on a special compound derived from tobacco leaf nicotine that is absorbed into the body faster than your regular e-juice. This delivers an instant satisfaction more akin to that of a tobacco cigarette, albeit in a smoother sensation. While it may not be endowed with a lot great features that appeal to many vaping veterans, this aspect makes the Nano a great choice for both smokers-turned-vapers and experts looking for an ideal portable backup. Obviously, a price tag of £4.99 may seem cheap for a vape device. However, it’s only cheap in price. Overall, this is still a very high quality pen.

Simplicity Disposable pens are designed to be handy in different scenarios and are ideal for just about any vaper. The Nano Disposable is no different. Whether it’s the casual user who does not vape regularly to require a battery of their own; the consumer who owns a great collection of vape gear; or those of us prone to misplacing our stuff every so often, this little guy can be a convenient asset. It is intended to be a portable, easy-to-use pen so the design is pretty basic. It boasts a sleek, contemporary design that resembles a USB flash drive, with a cool matte black finish that breathes a sense of style into its overall look. The Nano is small enough to fit in a closed fist. It represents our simplest device yet, living true to the Aqua Vape mantra ‘Simply & Satisfying Vaping Solutions’. The pen has no buttons whatsoever, instead relying on air sensor-based activation to work. All you need do is inhale and voila, the magic starts.

High Nic Salt As alluded to earlier, the Nano Disposable Salt Nic from Aqua Vape makes use of nicotine salts which deliver a smoother hit while allowing you to enjoy a higher nicotine concentration. With a 20MG concentration level, the Nano Disposable is intended to bring out more nicotine without the throat hit associated with smoking. To put it another way, this pen promises great bang for buck since you end up vaping much less. This partly explains the euphoria that has greeted the Nano since it made its debut at the start of 2018.

Three Flavours to Choose From The Nano Disposable is currently available in three different flavours aimed at giving you variety:

  • Nano Disposable Salt Nic Berries
A sweet vape that is a must-try for berry lovers and anyone who prefers a refreshing fruity vape with the potential to hijack your taste buds.
  • Nano Disposable Salt Nic Menthol
This exceptionally smooth e-liquid unleashes the full, crisp flavour of classic menthol with a fresh, new twist to it. It’s cool, it’s refreshing and it’s sure to become the new go-to favourite for every menthol enthusiast.
  • Nano Disposable Salt Nic Tobacco
The Salt Nic Tobacco juice is most ideal for smokers looking to switch to vaping, although anyone who fancies the distinctive taste of tobacco will feel right at home with this flavour. This liquid unravels a rich, full-bodied tobacco flavour in a bold and smooth delivery that leaves a richly satisfying taste. Affordable The Disposable Nano is reasonably priced and is available in two options:
  • Single pack: Goes for £4.99
  • 5 Pack: Goes for £20
Conclusion The Aqua Vape Nano Disposable Salt Nic range is a pretty solid line of vape pens that are a great choice either for smokers looking to ease into vaping or vapers who desire a stronger nicotine content without having to go out of their way. As well, it makes for a perfect travel partner or backup vape for veterans. The Nano’s ease of portability, simple functionality, and fast heat time are all desirable features for everyone, and its compact size makes it a very discreet vape. With an attractive price to match, we think you will find the Nano Disposable a good deal and a pretty good vape.

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