4 Simple Solutions to Common Vape Problems

May 23, 2023

4 Simple Solutions to Common Vape Problems
Vaping can be a fun, enjoyable and sociable experience, but as with most things, sometimes stuff doesn’t go according to plan. If you vape on a regular, chances are you have encountered a problem or two with your device at one point or the other. And it can be frustrating. Vaporiser problems could range from battery issues to the inability to get enough vapour when you draw. Good thing is, it almost always doesn’t mean your device is faulty or broken but rather, just experiencing an issue that can be easily fixed. We came up with some common vape problems users face and the simple solutions to them. Check them out.
  1. Your Vape won’t Turn On
It may sound simple, but we have all found ourselves in that moment when you are trying to turn on something that wasn’t plugged in. Besides, some vaporisers are not exactly the most straightforward to use. Majority of e-cig devices come with a multiple click feature, so if you find yours is not activating, try clicking on the button 5 times in succession. If it doesn’t work, don’t just keep clicking. Put the device aside for a moment instead, and wait before having a go again. If it still doesn’t turn on, make sure your device is charging properly. Remember, just because it was plugged in doesn’t mean it was charging. Check your charger’s threading just to be sure you have a good connection and plug in the vaporiser. Generally, when plugged in, the device should indicate red – and green when it is fully charged. The power source also needs to be compatible, so make sure yours is. If none of these solve the issue, try another charger before you consider replacing the battery.
  1. The Vapour Tastes Burnt
If your device is giving off a burnt taste when you inhale the vapour, it probably means the vape juice is overheating and combusting. In such a case, the simple fix is to lower the temperature of your vape device for a cooler and smoother vapour. If this is not the cause, the second issue that could be causing your vape to taste burnt most likely has to do with the coil. Pop open the chamber to confirm if it is burnt or not. If the coil is brand new and tasting horrible, you probably forgot to prime your coil before lighting up. Another reason could be because the tank is empty. Always ensure you fill up before you activate your vaporiser. Or maybe the juice you are using is high in VG. High VG e-liquid is very thick and not all setups are equipped to handle it. You might thus be best served by switching to a 50/50 PG/VG juice, then take it from there.
  1. The Vapour is too Thin
If your device is not producing enough vapour, chances are you are not vaping at a high enough temperature. Try turning up the temperature until you start getting some thicker plumes. It could also be due to improper airflow. This means the hot air is not getting into contact with enough surface area when passing through the tank, resulting in weak vapour or even none at all. But remember, increased airflow may result in more vapour, but you will experience less flavour.
  1. Your Device won’t Charge
While some vape batteries may last for years, you can shorten their lifespan if you are not taking proper care of your e-cig device. Regular cleaning of your vape device is essential. The frequency of cleaning depends on how often you use the device. If your vaporiser has trouble charging, assuming there is no issue with the charger, it could be that a blocked heating element is compromising the battery’s performance. You need to clean the device, ideally with some cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol. Another reason your device may not be charging is probably because you have been overcharging it and now it’s catching up with you. We get it, leaving your e-cig device (or phone) to charge overnight may sound appealing, but this leads to overcharging and that’s not good for the battery. Any battery. Dropping your battery on the ground in water could also lead to charging issues. This basically could be a sign of a dead battery so if nothing else is working, unfortunately, you will need to get a replacement.

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