May 23, 2023

As with most things electrical or mechanical, good maintenance of your e-cig device will increase its lifespan and have it performing at its peak for an extended period of time. As with most things electrical or mechanical, good maintenance of your e-cig device will increase its lifespan and have it performing at its peak for an extended period of time. If you don’t maintain your vape device well, everything that could go wrong will go wrong. And the last thing you want is to keep dipping into the market every now and then in the name of replacing certain components, or even worse, the entire device itself.
Here are some maintenance tips that will go some way to helping keep your e-cig device in tip-top condition.

Clean your Tank

Tank cleaning is one of the most basic things you can perform on your vaping device that have a far-reaching effect as far as the device’s longevity is concerned. Failure to regularly clean your vape device will lead to gunk build-up on the coil and inside of your tank. This can result in new wicks burning out much faster than you would want. As well, if the connection between the atomiser and battery gets too dirty, power ceases to course through the device, dragging down the battery’s longevity. There is also the issue of hygiene to worry about, not to mention a compromise in the taste of your vape juice. Make it a point of regularly cleaning your tank to rid it of the dirt, dust and debris that is bound to accumulate. The issue of how often depends on frequency of use, but if you can, at least once a week should suffice for the average vaper. Just remember not to submerge your device in water since, well, it is electrical.

Replace your Coils

Cleaning your vape tank regularly is recommended, but coils, as with every other part of your device, are not meant to last forever. Coils especially tend to have a very short life. The downside to vaping on a vape coil that is well past its replacement date is it results in a dry, burnt taste when you vape. And it’s not desirable. If tank cleaning ought to be done at least weekly, coil replacement should be done every fortnight, although this too will depend on frequency of use, in addition to a host of other factors. For example, use of high VG juice, vaping on a sub ohm device, as well as high voltage vaping. Different coils will have different lifespans which should be indicated, otherwise a downgrade in the taste of the vape should be a tell-tale sign that you need to replace the coil. If you are a regular vaper though (several times a day) once every two weeks is recommended. It’s also good to add that purchasing high quality vape coils from a trusted vendor will guarantee you good quality coils.

Prime your Coils

Priming a coil is the act of pre-saturating the wick with e-juice prior to using a new coil for the first time. This is one of the first things every new vaper should acquaint themselves with straight off the bat. This is because failure to will 1. ruin your new coils and 2. result in a dry and burnt taste.

Leakage Issues

There are a myriad reasons that could be behind a leaky tank. For example, flooding (caused by poor inhalation), over-filling, cross-threading, damaged O-rings, not enough wicking material, and so on and so forth. It is upon you to get to the root cause of the leak and address it because failure to will damage your device sooner rather than later.

Battery Care

The battery is a very sensitive component of your vape device, but if you take good care of it, it can give you service for a long time to come. Battery maintenance isn’t anything out of the ordinary really. For starters, if the battery is the removable type, make sure you are using the proper one in the right device in terms of compatibility. Second, when it comes to charging vape batteries, short bursts of charges are not usually a good idea. That might work on your phone, but aim at giving your batteries a full charge before you start using them. As well, when connecting the tank to the battery, ensure it is well connected and that you do not over-tighten the tank when connecting.

Replacement Parts

Even the best brands are not designed to last forever. But the good thing about e-cigarettes is that you can change out the parts as necessary. Atomisers, cartridges and even batteries can be replaced. Often, when it gets to a point when you feel your device is not functioning optimally, it could be because one of these components might be needing a change.

Protect your Device

Although they are built to be relatively robust, e-cigarettes, as with every electronic device, are not entirely fool-proof. If you want to get the most out of your vape device, how you use and care for it will have a huge bearing on its length of service. If you can, purchase a case for the device or keep it protected in your bag to avoid incidences of sitting on or dropping it, and other such careless handling errors that can result in damage. By taking good care of your vape device, it will last longer while guaranteeing you an enhanced vaping experience through the course of its lifetime. So there we go this is the top tips from AquaVape on keeping your device in best possible condition for a great vape experience, let us know what you think of these tips, or even better if you have any yourself! Happy Vaping!

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