May 24, 2023


The vaping landscape is barely recognisable from what it used to be when electronics cigarettes went viral a little under 10 years ago. 

Why Is Sub Ohm Vaping Better?

The vaping landscape is barely recognisable from what it used to be when electronics cigarettes went viral a little under 10 years ago. During that time, vaping hardware has metamorphosed from low-powered cig-style gadgets to high-powered devices, with something to satisfy the needs of every vaper. Sub-ohm vaping came about as a result of the need for a device that offered a “fuller” vaping experience. Also known as sub-ohming, it initially started as a preserve of vet vapers gripped by the “Necessity is the mother of invention” bug. They wanted a device capable of offering better throat hits, improved flavour and more vapour. Since the market was devoid of these devices, they had to resort to constructing their own devices and building their own coils. Through Ohm’s Law, they figured their mods could produce more power and wattage if they lowered the resistance of their circuits. And just like that, sub-ohm coils and atomisers were born. With the growth of the industry, however, today anyone can enjoy sub ohming as innovation and increased demand has seen the introduction of better, safer sub-ohm devices that can be purchased straight off the shelf. There is no more need to understand things like Ohm’s Law or learn the craft of coil building.

What is Sub Ohm vaping?

This should perhaps have been the lede, but oh well… Without sounding too geeky, sub-ohming, by definition, is basically vaping with an e cig which has a coil resistance level of under one ohm. It involves vaping with DTL (direct to lung) coils with a resistance of 0.5 ohms or lower. Anything above that is considered above-ohm vaping, or simply regular vaping. For those of us whom physics was not a forte, resistance is the amount of opposition encountered by the flow of electricity in a circuit (in this case, a coil in an atomiser). This resistance is measured by a standard unit called an ohm, something you’re likely to get well acquainted with in your vaping day-to-day. Just to be clear, you will find mouth-to-lung coils with a 0.5 ohm resistance (or lower). These are not sub-ohms but rather, low-power devices designed for stealth vaping. To be classified a sub-ohm, a vape mod should be capable of putting out a minimum of 40 watts, with some devices capable of firing even 300 watts.

So, Why is Sub Ohm Vaping Better?

With that long disclaimer out of the way, let’s take a jiff to outline why sub ohm vaping is better vis a vis regular vaping. As we alluded to earlier, the above-or-below-one-ohm power difference has a bearing on the vaping experience. This experience can be summed up in four major advantages, the reasons sub ohm vaping is considered better than regular vaping:

  • Dense Vapour
A regular vape device cannot hold a candle against a sub ohm when it comes to vapour production. The rich plumes of vapour are a dream for every cloud chaser or anyone else who prefers more vape per hit. For best results, sub ohming is best done with high VG e liquids which are capable of producing more vapour without compromising on the taste of the vape juice. Here is a list of sub ohm liquids to get you started.
  • Richer Flavour
The more the vapour, the richer the flavour. Sub ohm coils vaporise a lot of e liquid at a time compared to devices with a higher resistance, thus allowing you to maximise the flavour on each drag.
  • Stronger Hits
More vapour also means more nicotine inhale. This is another way of saying a sub ohm tank will allow you to cut down on the nicotine level of your favourite e juice since each pull delivers better satisfaction. This is the reason you’ll find many vapers using less than 6mg of nicotine when sub ohming.
  • Warmer Vapour
This is not for everyone, but if warmer vapour does it for you, you will love sub ohming. The warm vapour is as a result of the higher power associated with below-ohm devices. Commercial devices and tanks are designed to provide good airflow which ensures the vape is not too hot as to cause discomfort. In Closing The above advantages are basically another way of saying sub ohming results in a more satisfying vaping experience, and isn’t that what we’re all in it for? However, it’s good to know sub ohm vaping also has its downsides, chief among them, higher energy consumption, which consequently means coils burning faster. There is also the small matter of you having to dip more frequently into your pocket due to more e liquid usage. Safety is also an issue since batteries can get too hot. This is why you need to insist on quality gear. We recommend the AV Series 4 Sub-Ohm Vaping Kit and AV Series 5 Sub-Ohm Vaping Kit off the Aqua Vape stable.

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