Why is my Vaporiser Blinking?

May 22, 2023

Why is my Vaporiser Blinking?

Most vape devices these days come with an OLED indicator that sends multiple signals to the user. This little window into your vape relays the status of your device at any given time through steady pulsating, blinking, changing colours or other such behaviours. The idea is to attract your attention and help you decode the status of your vape pen, mod, or pod so you can make the necessary adjustments and continue to use the device without any risk of damage to your device. Sometimes, though, the answer is not always clear cut. In this post, we outline some common reasons why the indicator on your e-cig device could be blinking, and what you can do to address the particular issue.

Reasons Vape Devices Blink

Depending on the type of display on your vaporiser, blinking lights could be an indicator of one or more underlying issues. There are several reasons why the light on your vape device is blinking. Below, we list the most common ones and how you can go about resolving them.

  1. Power Button might be Jammed
This is one of the most common explanations behind a blinking display, and good thing is, it is also one of the easiest to resolve. It could be that your vaporiser’s activation button (the button your press to fire up the device) is simply jammed or stuck in an unusual position. As you probably have experienced yourself, when you hold the power button down for too long, usually the indicator on majority of devices starts to blink. Sometimes, this button can get stuck in not because you are pushing in longer than necessary, but dirt or grime might have built up around it over time. The solution to this is to simply clean up the area around the button, though in the first place we do recommend making regular clean-up of your vape device(s) a routine. But in the event it catches up with you, use a soft cloth or cotton swab to clean out the area around the button. You will know the issue is resolved when the light goes off.
  1. Battery (or other Components) could be Loose
Another reason why your vaporiser could be blinking can be due to a loose battery. If it is not screwed in right, the battery will not charge properly and the indicator will continue blinking. To rule this possibility out, remove the battery and screw it back in, making sure it is firmly connected to the device. While you are at it, consider wiping off the connection points using a clean cotton swab – you know, just in case there is a build-up of gunk or vape juice. If it has been a while since you gave your device a good scrub, go right ahead and clean the entire thing, including the tank and coil. That way, you will be sure there is no dirt or lint that can interfere with the vaporiser’s function. If you had recently removed the components for cleaning, double-check that everything was put back properly, including the mouthpiece.
  1. Incompatible Components
Pairing up incompatible components might be another reason why you could be experiencing a case of a blinking vape. Many vape pens, for example, will alert you when you install a replacement coil that has a low resistance level which is more suited to a sub-ohm device. If this is the underlying cause, you can make either of two decisions. The first, and most practical, is to switch out the mismatched component with a compatible one. The other option is to upgrade your device to fit the part you want to use.
  1. Activation of Safety Features

Many vaporisers are kitted out with certain safety features that cause the display light to blink when something isn’t right. Do not ignore this if this is the issue as safety features are there for a reason. As it varies from one device to the next, the best way to address a safety feature problem is to refer to the device manual which should detail exactly why whatever is happening is happening. Use the manual to troubleshoot the specific issue, then take it from there.


If any of the causes listed here do not prove helpful in getting to the bottom of the matter, then you will need to dig deeper. The first thing to look at before you even consider any of these causes is to ensure your device is properly charged. That may be elementary, but for some beginners it might not. If you are set on that front, check if your device is properly synced with its app if you are using one of those Bluetooth-enabled vaporisers. If none of these address the issue, it might be a good idea to get in touch with an authorised repair shop or the vape manufacturer themselves for assistance.

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