What is Sub Ohm Vape? A Simple Guide to Sub Ohming

May 22, 2023

What is Sub Ohm Vape? A Simple Guide to Sub Ohming

As you venture into the world of vaping, you will come across a slew of vaping lingo that is not immediately clear. One of the phrases you will most likely encounter and see used quite often is “sub ohm”. It’s a phrase you’ve most probably happened across already. But what does it mean exactly, and why is it such an important term in vaping? Let’s take you to school, shall we?

What is Sub Ohm Vape?

By definition, sub ohm vaping refers to vaping with an e-cig device that makes use of vape coils with a resistance of less than one ohm – that is, 1.0 Ω and below (aka below ohm). Most regular vape devices have a resistance range of 1.5 to 3 ohms, which is “above ohm”. When the coil resistance exceeds 1.0 ohm like with these said devices, it is said to be on the higher side. This is why you’ll also find regular vaporisers and their coils being labelled high-resistance devices/coils. Sub ohms, for their part, are low-resistance devices as their below-ohm coils offer reduced resistance when an electrical current is applied. This is in fact where the term ‘sub ohm’ comes from. Lower resistance is obtained by employing thicker wires, thanks to a large surface area which allows for more room for current to flow. Sub ohm devices are often paired with thicker juices that are high in VG (vegetable glycerine) content. These VG-based e-liquids are simply known as sub ohm e-liquids and are only compatible with low-resistance tanks or devices. See: Understanding the Basic Components of E-Liquid

What is Sub Ohm Vape?: The Benefits of Sub Ohming There are a couple of notable benefits to sub ohm vaping that makes it such a lure for many vapers.

  1. Large clouds
The first has to do with the high quantities of vapour produced by this type of vaping. If huge clouds appeal to you, you will love sub ohming.
  1. Smooth vape
Sub ohm vaping also promises a smoother vape experience, which is as a result several factors, most notably the reliance on VG e-liquids, as well as low-nicotine juices. Yes, sub ohm juices are typically low in nicotine content due to the high-powered nature of these devices which would result in a harsh throat hit were the nicotine content to be anything above 6mg/ml, which tends to be the nicotine ceiling for sub-ohm juices. For the most part.
  1. Rich flavour
The third benefit has to do with vape flavour. While VG, which makes a larger portion of sub ohm juices, may not be a good carrier of flavour like PG, the fact that you are inhaling large quantities of vapour (warmer vapour for that matter) at any one time means the flavours tend to be more intense. Sub ohm coils can vaporise lots of juice at a go, so every single draw comes bursting with flavour. What is Sub Ohm Vape?: Factors that Affect a Sub Ohm Experience These can be broken down into three, namely:
  1. Wattage
This is the actual power being produced. The higher the wattage, the more heat the device produces. In turn, the more the vapour and the more intense the flavour. In other words, bumping up your wattage level will produce more heat, which will consequently result in more clouds and more flavour. On the downside, high-wattage vaping is costly as you will use up your e-liquid more quickly. Read: Tips to Make Your Vape Juice Last Longer
  1. Coil resistance
Another determining factor in sub ohm vaping. Coils that boast a large surface area conduct more current as a result of their low resistance. Since wattage output and resistance are inversely proportional, the effect will be the opposite in the case of thinner coils.
  1. Battery voltage
Voltage is the power being generated by your vape battery. The higher the voltage the battery generates, the higher the wattage – bar instances when resistance is also increased. When Should You Replace Your 18650 Battery? What is Sub Ohm Vape? Closing Words Truth be told, sub ohming is a bag of chips. It promises loads of fun what with the immense clouds and the smorgasbord of e-liquid flavours on offer. But its advantages stretch beyond what we have cited here. For example, an aspect we love about sub ohm e-liquids is that they also come in zero-nicotine variants. This could be either in the standard 10ml sub ohm bottles or alternatively as shortfills. Read more about shortfill e-liquids here. This means if you prefer a nicotine-free vape, your needs will be well accommodated without there being a compromise in e-juice flavour. Matter of fact, juices without nicotine tend to be more flavourful. However, it’s also good to acknowledge that sub ohming requires some bit of experience before you try it out, and that’s due to the fact that sub ohm devices are more advanced and powerful than your ordinary vaporiser. It also makes for a costlier vape, so that is something you should definitely keep in mind. If you were curious to know what is sub ohm vape, we hope this article has sufficiently answered your question.

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