Want to Save Money Vaping? You Don’t Have to Wait for Black Friday Offers

May 10, 2023

Want to Save Money Vaping? You Don’t Have to Wait for Black Friday Offers

We all love scoring a bargain here and there when it comes to spending. It is inherently human, which is why bargain deals and free offers evoke strong emotions in us. Marketers know this and pull this psychological card to maximum advantage, never shy to have them in caps –  you know – lest you miss them.

The idea of saving money is particularly appealing given the economic conditions we find ourselves in, with inflation and all. As a vaper, the notion of cutting costs without settling for less in terms of quality is certainly an attractive one.

Vaping may be more economical compared to smoking, but there are costs involved, more so when you consider the ongoing expenditure every vaper has to contend with. E-liquid purchases and e-cig accessories form the largest bulk of recurrent vaping costs, with vape coils topping the list.

As such, if you can find ways to bring down your overall vaping costs without compromising on the quality of your experience, it makes absolutely perfect sense, more so in a shrinking economy where every coin counts.

And turns out, there are plenty of ways you can actually do that without having to wait for the annual mad rush at the end of the year. Some of these are pretty basic hacks you may be overlooking but if implemented, could go some way towards alleviating your vaping bill.

Let’s show you how!

  1. Pick the right hardware

Your choice of e-cig device has a huge bearing on your monthly vape spend. Choosing an economical vaporiser will give you great value for money.

By this we don’t mean to go for the cheapest kits you can find. If anything, cheap ends up being expensive in the end when it comes to vape devices. Rather, the idea is to avoid devices that may be considered over-the-top for your daily vaping needs.

For instance, sub-ohms are costlier in terms of initial outlay compared to regular MTL kits like vape pens and pod systems. They are also more expensive to run. It thus doesn’t make a lot of sense to use a mod as your go-to daily device if you are an active vaper as that can literally mean running through a bottle or more of sub-ohm juice every day.

A mod should be an occasional device for when sub-ohming or cloud vaping, but if you must, you might want to try out a pod mod instead. Pod mods are basically smaller versions of sub-ohm devices and can provide a DTL experience without guzzling juice like their more powerful, high-performance counterparts.

As well, if you are a nicotine user and nicotine satisfaction and throat hit is the top priority, a sub-ohm device may be a bit of an overkill. A regular vaporiser should work, ideally coupled with a salt nic (see point #3 below).

  1. Drop disposables for refills instead

Disposable vapes have their benefits, but if you want to cut your vaping costs, investing in a refillable e-cig such as a vape pen or refillable pod kit for daily use or when vaping at home makes is a no-brainer.

Disposables are excellent for carrying with you as they are designed for that very purpose, and their convenience is unparalleled. However, they are not the most cost-effective and are best reserved for when you’re stepping out and you need a portable, hassle-free device to take with you.

  1. Opt for nicotine salts over freebase e-liquid

A lot of relatively new vapers may not realise it, but nicotine salt e-liquids are one of the vaping industry’s biggest invention. There was a time many faulted electronic cigarettes for their inability to deliver the satisfying experience most smokers desired when transitioning from regular cigarettes.

While the industry has over the years witnessed major milestones on both the hardware and e-liquid front, salt nics brought us a different vape juice formulation that was different from freebase e-liquid that helped bridge the gap between the experience of vapes versus combustible cigarettes.

When it comes to the ability to satisfy, salt nics are as effective as traditional cigarettes. They come in higher nicotine concentrations but make for smooth inhales due to their unique composition. They are also absorbed into the bloodstream faster and more effectively, making them a perfect fit for smokers and nicotine users making the switch to vaping.

So, how does this tie in with vaping costs exactly?

Well, the thing is, nicotine salts make you vape less, and that means your overall vaping costs will be lower compared to vaping freebase nicotine when all is said and done.

  1. Shop in bulk

Sourcing your e-liquid supplies in bulk can directly save you money in shipping costs, in addition to attracting quantity discounts, which is common with many vape vendors: the more e-liquid bottles you purchase, the better price you enjoy since many vendors package their offerings as e-liquid bundles (of 6, of 10, of 18, 24 bottles and so on).

You may also opt for shortfill e-liquids which come in a larger bottle. While the initial cost may be higher, shortfills are more cost-effective.

However, picking up shortfills means you’ll have to mix your own nicotine (a nicotine shot is sold separately), so that’s a little something to keep in mind.

  1. Watch out for deals and offers

End users are without a doubt the biggest beneficiaries of business competition, and this very much rings true in the vape segment. In a bid to retain existing customers and attract new ones, vape vendors are always looking for innovative ways to keep users hooked to their offerings.

One way they are doing that is by running endless deals and clearance offers, and we here at Aquavape in fact have a dedicated section where customers can find anything they need at a discount.

Whether you are on the market for a top e-cig device, shopping for vape accessories or need to score a nice discount when ordering your favourite e-liquids, clearance sales are one of the best ways to reduce your overall vaping costs.

  1. Work on your vaping technique

This particular one applies to beginner vapers, although some more experienced vapers are also guilty of making mistakes with respect to the inhalation approach they use when using a vape device – which should be different to smoking a cigarette.

Drawing on a traditional cigarette involves small, short puffs. For vape devices, however, this inhalation style can have a negative on your coils and also means you get through your e-liquid faster than you otherwise would if you employed a more tactical approach. When it comes to vaping, you should slow down your drags a little by making them just a little longer and slower.

While it may seem inconsequential, this simple shift can save you money in the long-run as it means less e-liquid used each time you fire up your device and less money going towards coil replacement.

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