Vaping Etiquette: Practising Common Sense as a Vaper

May 23, 2023

Vaping Etiquette: Practising Common Sense as a Vaper

There are a lot of good things that can be said about vaping, particularly its contribution towards helping smokers put down their cigarettes. While scientific jury may still be out regarding the health safety of vaping, a lot of the evidence seems to consider vaping the lesser evil. Now, the practice has led to the emergence of an annoying bunch of vapers doing all sorts of pesky stuff with their vape devices. Manners seem to have gone out the window when vaping in the presence of people, and this has caused vaping a bad rap. Look, you don’t need to go to school to know the do’s and don’ts of vaping as regards how to conduct yourself. All you need is to become a more polite vaper who is conscious of the environment you are in and those around you. Here are some reminders on vaping etiquette to keep in mind to avoid the faux pas you may be committing without even realising it.

Vaping in Crowded Areas

Even though you may be vaping outdoors, it shows immaturity and a lack of common sense when you whip out your device and start vaping in crowded areas. Unlike the United States, there is no legislation against vaping in majority of public spots and indoor spaces in the UK. But premises may have restrictions of their own. If in doubt, just ask. Even if there are no visible ‘No Vaping’ signs where you are, avoid vaping in crowded areas like the cinema, supermarket, on a plane, during a visit to your GP – you know, all those places where it would feel awkward for any normal person. Although they may not say it, a lot of people do not appreciate you blowing vapour around them. If you cannot wait till you are out of the confined space to vape, it is more polite to move away before you start vaping.

Vaping around Children and Pets

For some people, there is no difference between smoking and vaping around children and pets. Unless the child’s parent(s) also vape at home around their own kids, it is courteous to seek their permission first before you light up – or step outside or take a saunter a short distance away to vape. Some people also consider their pets to be their children, so it is important to ask first. After all, some dogs and cats may have allergies and you never know.

Stop Cloud Chasing in Public

Just…Stop. Not only will you be embarrassing yourself, but blowing out huge clouds of vapour in public is just a Big No.

The Stealth Vape There are a few ways to engage in stealth vaping. One of these is to use a discreet gadget like the AquaVape Nano Disposable. It is sleek and can be easily hidden in your hand or up the sleeve. Thing is, though, it is hard to stifle clouds of vapour when vaping in public. Which is another way of saying people know when you are vaping even when you think you’re hiding. And it’s not a good look. Nobody wants to see a grown-up furtively sucking on a vape tucked underneath their sleeve. If it can’t wait, just step outside briefly and do what you have to do.

Last Word

So friends, there you have it. Some common vaping etiquette rules that are not hard to put into practice. Not only will you avoid intruding in other people’s personal space (let’s face it, nobody likes it when someone is all up in your grill) but it also leaves you to enjoy your vape in peace. Everyone’s happy. And you’ll feel better about it. We promise.

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