Vaping Etiquette In 2021: Our Guide

May 22, 2023

Vaping Etiquette In 2021: Our Guide

Any hobby has its own unique rules and etiquette, but these are often unspoken and require time and practice to understand fully. Vaping is no different. Traditionally, vapers have always had etiquette around everything from taking a toke from someone else’s vape pen through to asking to borrow vape liquid and vaping in public. The ongoing 2020 Cornavirus pandemic has made vape etiquette even more vital in 2021. As vaping is the process of blowing clouds of vapour, made primarily from water that has been in the vaper’s mouth, it’s more important than ever before that you try to be courteous when vaping around others. The virus is passed between people through saliva and other bodily liquids, so you need to change the way that you vape to ensure that you don’t offend or, potentially endanger anyone else. While there’s nothing nasty or dangerous in the vapour that comes from a vape kit, many individuals might think that there is, which is why you need to be courteous. The vaping experts here at AquaVape are eager to help you vape correctly so that you can enjoy your hobby and keep yourself and others safe throughout 2021 and beyond.

Avoid Vaping In Crowded Areas

Vaping in a crowded area is a definite no-no in 2021. That’s because, as vaping creates a large cloud of water vapour, you could be annoying a lot of individuals by vaping in a crowd. So, it would be best if you only vaped in an outdoor area that doesn’t have many people in it, or if you wait until you get home.

Move Away From Anyone In A Mask

If you’re in a private or secluded area, but you come across someone who’s wearing a mask or an exemption lanyard, then you should move away from them or put your vape pen away. Anyone wearing a mask or lanyard in a secluded area where they’re not legally ordered to wear one must feel that they are at greater risk of catching the virus or are incredibly cautious. Whatever the reason, they won’t appreciate you vaping around them, no matter how nice your e-liquid might smell. Move away from the masked person, find another secluded area, or go to your home before you start vaping.

Ask Before You Start If Vaping Indoors

Now that we’re able to visit others indoors and return to making non-essential journeys, you must remember to be considerate when you’re out and about with your vape kit. While vaping is different from smoking a cigarette, and therefore, not subject to the same restrictions, most retailers and transport providers prohibit using e-liquids and vape pens in their properties. However, if you’re visiting a friend’s home or a large facility, then you might think that you could vape inside to keep yourself out of the elements. That might be the case, but before you whip out your vape pen and take a puff of your favourite e-liquid, you should ask your host. If they don’t feel comfortable with you vaping inside, then you should respect their wishes and wait until you get home or until you’re in an outdoor area. If your friends are happy for you to vape inside, then you should still be considerate. If they vape themselves, then you can vape at your leisure and even have a nice chat about your favourite mods and e-liquids. However, if they’re merely being kind but don’t vape themselves, then you should try to keep out of their way and use an e-liquid that doesn’t produce a lot of vapour. Consider carrying several bottles of regular e-liquid or vaping pods with a higher ratio of propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerin (VG). A vape liquid with more PG will give you a better flavour hit without so much vapour so that you can be considerate when vaping around others, even those who give you their consent.

Sub-Ohm In Private

Sub-Ohm vaping is a fun, trendy way to create great plumes of vapour. It’s a fun way to enhance your vaping experience, but it’s also inconsiderate if done in a public place. That’s because, through a combination of using the right Sub-Ohm e-liquid and vape kits, you can create large clouds of vapour that travel through the air and could be breathed in by those around you. These large vapour clouds could frighten someone who is at risk of lung complications or catching the virus, so you must try to Sub-Ohm in private. Sub-Ohm vaping in your home or a large garden, where the vapour can disperse into the atmosphere without being breathed in directly by passers-by, will allow you to enjoy your hobby without impacting on anyone else.

Be Considerate

These tips are only a small selection of the ways that you can vape safely and be polite in 2021. Many other unwritten rules might apply to you, depending on where you are vaping and who you are vaping alongside. As such, you need to be considerate and, if in doubt, keep your vape pen and e-liquid in your pocket until you get into a private place to vape. Stay safe and have fun vaping in 2021 by using these vaping etiquette tips!

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