Vaping Effects: Does Vaping Cause Yellow Teeth?

May 23, 2023

Vaping Effects: Does Vaping Cause Yellow Teeth?

We all have one set of permanent teeth and staining can have long-lasting, or even worse, permanent effect on them. And even when staining is not permanent, it can be work to get rid of for dental experts, let alone anyone who has tried those Internet hacks such as, for example, using charcoal to whiten your teeth. For this reason, it is not surprising then that the question of whether vaping does cause yellow teeth pops up every now and again. Especially considering smoking is a proven stainer, and a bad one at that.

So, Does Vaping Cause Teeth Staining?

Fun fact: Did you know your teeth have pores just like your skin? True story. Just like your skin’s pores can absorb materials your skin is exposed to, the pores on your teeth are not impermeable too. Anything you put in your mouth that has colour will soak in – coffee, wine; dark berries even – and cigarette smoke, of course. That might explain why your teeth probably looked white as a kid but have gradually changed colour. For cigarettes, the main culprit behind teeth discolouration is tar, and to a smaller extent, nicotine. The good thing about e-liquid as touches on teeth staining is that it does not carry the tar present in tobacco. It does contain nicotine, though. But while nicotine has a yellowish tinge when it gets exposed to oxygen, it is, as pointed out, a minor contributor. It is important to note that some e-liquids contain dyes or flavour colourings that can cause yellow teeth. This is why, if you can, it is best to avoid juices that are not coloured if teeth staining is a biggie for you. But that can be big ask for some of us. So in short, if you are wondering whether vaping can cause yellow teeth, the short answer is No. That’s because the main stain-causing agents present in cigarettes are not found in vape juice or synthesised during the vaping process.

Quality of E-Liquid does Matter

As far as the dyes and flavour colourings go, this is something that can be avoided. For one, the recipe for e-liquids has improved a lot over the years. Unlike yester years, many manufacturers now employ flavours specially formulated for e-liquids. Still, it is important to stay away from cheap e-liquids as these are likely to carry cheap and probably harmful ingredients in them. There are many reasons why you should always source your e-liquids from reputable companies, largely due to the sake of your own health. Yellow teeth is just another reason to add to that. At AquaVape, we follow a zero quality control policy in the creation of our e-liquids. All our products, whether produced in-house or stocked on behalf of reputable e-liquid manufacturers, do not only fall within the UK’s quality and safety standards, but are also TPD compliant. Your health is a priority for us, and that’s a trust we are keen to uphold with our customers.

Noticeable Difference

Some vapers have reported that they have noticed their teeth and gums change colour after making the switch from smoking to vaping. In truth, this is not vaping altering your teeth or gums, but rather, your teeth and gums reverting to their natural colour. When you withdraw the ash, tar and combustion from tobacco cigarettes, your teeth should start assuming their natural colour again – as should your lips. When you quit smoking in favour of vaping, you should see the yellowing start to dissipate a little. We are not saying your teeth will turn pearly white, but they should improve once you are no longer inhaling the tar from cigarettes. At the end of the day, practising good dental hygiene is important even as a vaper. In fact, this can enhance your overall vaping experience as not only can you taste flavours better, but issues like vaper’s tongue ought to be kept at bay.

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