Vape Hardware: Are You using Counterfeit Vaping Gear?

May 22, 2023

Vape Hardware: Are You using Counterfeit Vaping Gear?
Counterfeit products are a bane for every industry, and the vape sector is not immune. Since vaping became popular, the release of good e-cig equipment has heralded a barrage of upcoming wannabe gadgets that are either very good imitations or supremely bogus gadgets. Whatever it is, counterfeiting is a scourge that has alarmingly entrenched itself into the vape industry, and unbeknownst to many, you could have fallen prey to a fake device at one point or the other. The way we see it, different markets exist that satisfy the demand of these products:
  1. There are some who contend with the counterfeits for personal reasons (availability, price and what-not) – this is the frugal market.
  2. There are those who don’t care much and would love authentic but are equally at ease with anything, counterfeits included – these are the hybrids.
  • Then there are those who call a fake fork for what they think it is: a fake fork – this is the elitist market.

Which vaper are you?

Clones vs. Counterfeits

Wait, aren’t clones the same as counterfeits? Well, that’s what you would believe at first, but there are a few lines of distinction between the two. Clones are products that try to mimic the real deal. But there are subtle differences between the two that you can pick out if you look closely. Counterfeits, on the other hand, are devices marketed as the original while in real sense, they are not. With counterfeits, little is done to convince you it is not the authentic product. They could use similar packaging, for example, including certain markings associated with the genuine thing. Counterfeits can be hard to spot, and this comes at a price for both company and consumer.

Cost to the Industry

What comes to mind first thing when you think about the cost of counterfeits to the industry is profit margins. And rightly so. For many industries, counterfeits have eaten into the bottom line of many a manufacturer, and the vape industry has been no different. Genuine products typically come at a cost, and not everyone is comfortable digging deeper into their wallet in the name of authentic. Consequently, some users are willing to settle for a replica if they can find one. But perhaps the worst part – aside from the missed revenue, of course – is the damage fake gear inflicts on the brand name. That’s because not everyone is aware they are buying counterfeit. Since some of these counterfeits are very low quality, this could leave a lasting negative impression on the buyer of said product who unknowingly believes the supposed company is behind the substandard product they had purchased.

Cost to the Consumer

One of the biggest downsides of counterfeits to consumers is access to low quality hardware. For those looking to quit smoking in favour of vaping, these bad first experiences can mean the difference between relapsing or successfully quitting. You’ve probably come across someone who isn’t particularly chuffed about vaping given the initial negative experience they had with e-cigarettes. This was especially common a few years ago when the industry was not as advanced and vibrant as it is today. Good hardware was expensive, and counterfeits from overseas were everywhere. Fortunately, the industry has grown in leaps which has seen the cost of vape hardware drop. These days, you can get started on your vaping journey without having to pay through the nose. Check out the Series 2 Vape Pen from AquaVape, for example. Health is another cost to the consumer and this especially applies to vape juice. As we say here too often, it is important to source your vape supplies from a reputable manufacturer or vape shop. You never really know what’s in vape products whose origin remains questionable and you could be putting your health at risk.

In Closing

Much as most of us don’t like them, counterfeits will always be there. Having a reliable supplier of vape products helps cushion you from the dubious products in the market. At AquaVape, we have been in this business for close to a decade. We have built a solid reputation as suppliers of authentic vape products, be it hardware or our long list of e-liquids. By shopping with us, you avoid a lot of but’s, what-if’s and maybe’s; some, potentially life-changing.

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