Understanding Clearomisers and How to go about Cleaning them

May 23, 2023

Understanding Clearomisers and How to go about Cleaning them

Understanding Clearomisers and How to go about Cleaning them

For anyone new to vaping, cleaning the clearomiser can be a bit of a puzzling task. This is one of those basic things you have to learn the hard way. And vaping has plenty of them. That’s because unlike traditional cigarettes (for former smokers seeking to make the switch) you will be dealing with actual reusable devices that will also require simple maintenance every now and then.

What is a Clearomiser?

Before we delve into the process of cleaning a clearomiser, it would be prudent to first understand what this is. The term clearomiser is a fusion of two words: clear and atomiser. The name stems from their transparent glass or plastic that forms the bulk of their body. In other words, a clearomiser is a transparent tank. It makes it easier for you to keep track of the e-liquid levels in your device so you know when it’s time for a refill. Plus, it looks more contemporary unlike the clearomisers of yester years which were made from metal and were not actually clear. Its defining trait when compared to a traditional cartomiser is the absence of an absorbent filler material designed to hold the juice, but let’s leave out the technical chatter for now. 

Types of Clearomisers

Clearomisers differ in design and you will encounter them in three types:

Bottom Coil Clearomisers – As the name hints at, the coil on this modern clearomiser is at the bottom of the tank as opposed to the top. It needs less wick and is also advantageous in that the e-liquid is able to reach the coil faster and more evenly, thus helps avoid dry hits and can extend the life of the coil. They come in several shapes and sizes.

Vertical Coil Clearomisers – In this one, the coil sits vertically to the airflow unlike in the traditional design where the coil is positioned across the airflow. The effect is reduced airflow, which in turn enhances flavour and boosts cloud production.

Sub Ohm Clearomisers – A clearomiser that uses a coil with a resistance of less than one ohm. Most sub ohm clearomisers are filled from the bottom, although some modern designs now come with top filling designs.

How to Clean your Clearomiser Like most components on an e-cig device, a clearomiser does not last forever. As gunk from the e-liquid accumulates on the heating coil, the parts start to wear down and the plastic begins to crack, necessitating a replacement. With regular maintenance, however, your vape components will undoubtedly enjoy a prolonged lifespan, the clearomiser being no exception. This is why regular cleaning is important. Besides, a clean clearomiser will always give you the best vaping experience. So then, how do you go about it exactly? Some modern vertical coils can pose a challenge when cleaning as they are susceptible to damage, but a good deal of them can still be improved if you clean them carefully. The actual cleaning is simple as ABC, provided you follow some recommended guidelines. Dismantle the device, and run the clearomiser and its components under warm water. Of worth noting here is the importance of avoiding soap, detergent, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol or other chemical agents in the clean-up. Drip tips can be cleaned with a soapy substance, though. You can use a Q-tip or paper towel to remove any residue from inside the tank. If the heating coil is gummed up and difficult to clean, leave the coil heads to soak in pure grain alcohol or clear liquor which are good at breaking down deposits. However, as noted above, never use rubbing alcohol for this. Once you have rinsed each component, shake them off to get rid of excess water. Then allow the parts to dry, including the wet wick which will not vaporise well since water cannot vaporise as easily as vape juice. Ideally, leave them to dry for 24 hours. This is one reason it is advisable to have a spare. If this is the only equipment, then it’s a good idea to do the cleaning before you hit the hay so you can leave the components to dry overnight. Once dry, reassemble your clearomiser and vaporiser to its original form. Refill with your favourite e-liquid as usual, and voila – you are ready to enjoy some good vaping with a clean clearomiser!

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