Transitioning From Cigarettes To Vapes: 7 Important Things To Remember

Apr 28, 2023

Transitioning from Cigarettes to Vapes: 7 Important Things to Remember

Tips For When Switching From Cigarettes To Vapes

When venturing into vaping for the first time there are some crucial things you need to brush up on that are key to setting the tone to the kind of experience you stand to have. The thing about vaping is that unlike regular cigarettes, there are several aspects to it, each of which is a world unto its own. However, these aspects can be broken down into simpler topics without the need to get all geeky with it. And that’s what we’re here to do. For starters, if you’re a smoker planning to make the switch to vaping, it’s worth reminding yourself that what you’re trying to do is break long-entrenched habits of what is an addictive pastime. As such, it pays to approach vaping with the mind-set that despite the similarities between the two, this is not exactly a like-for-like habit replacement. There will be teething problems, particularly if you have many years or decades of active smoking under your belt. But the best news is that vaping is as close to smoking as smoking gets (minus the health risks), so if you can be able to navigate that short adaptation period, you will be well on your way to purging tobacco cigarettes from your life for good. Here are some tips that can help make your smoking-to-vaping journey more seamless.

1. The Choice Of Device Matters

One of the first important decisions you’ll be making as a vaper is choosing an appropriate vape setup. Vape devices come in all sizes and shapes. Having a wealth of options to choose from is nice, but the downside is that it can turn out to be an overwhelming foray initially if you’re not sure what you want. Or need. It’s worth highlighting that the choice of vape device can make or break your experience, so we cannot over-emphasise how important it is to get this part right. As a beginner (which you are despite your experience as a smoker) what you want is a basic device that gets the job done without too many features getting in the way. Thankfully, there are vape starter kits made with that very goal in mind. These e-cig kits provide beginners with everything they need to get started right away. As a vaping newbie, this is a great place to begin your search. It would be remiss to talk about device options and fail to mention the different types of e-cig devices available. The thousands of different e-cigarettes that you see can all be compressed into a few distinct categories:

  • Vape Pens
  • Pod Kits (closed and open pod systems)
  • Disposable Vapes
  • Sub-Ohms and Mods

When transitioning from tobacco cigarettes, you should limit yourself to the first three categories since that is more within your experience level. Sub-ohms and mods are not only more advanced, but also, they are what you call direct-to-lung (DTL) devices which give a completely different experience from the one you’re after, which in this case would be mouth-to-lung (MTL). Vape pens, pod systems and disposable vapes fall under the latter.

2. Consider VG/PG Ratios

With the hardware aspect taken care of, the next thing you need to familiarise yourself with is e-liquid ratios. Vape juice is made up four main components:

  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – in varying quantities
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) – in varying quantities
  • Flavouring
  • Nicotine – an optional ingredient considering most e-liquids come in a zero-nicotine (omg) variant

It is important to get the VG/PG ratio right because this has a bearing on critical aspects like throat hit (particularly important to you as an ex-smoker) and vapour production, not to mention the flavour. PG is the component responsible for throat hit. It’s usually capped at 50% in relation to VG – hence the 50/50 e-liquid offerings. Juices high in VG – better known as sub-ohm e-liquids or simply higher VG juices – are famed for their ability to generate huge clouds. They are compatible with sub-ohms and mods, so you can skip shopping in that aisle for now.

3. Choose Your Flavour

Vape flavours are one of the most exciting aspects of vaping and it’s easy to see why. There is an e-liquid for every imaginable flavour, and the delectable taste of high-quality juices like ours is the reason a good number of vapers are in it for the flavours and flavours only. As a smoker looking to jump ship, though, you would be better holding off some of the offerings and start off with a tobacco juice. Reason is because this is closer to what you were used to in your smoking days compared to say, offerings in the dessert category such as Vanilla Latte. This should make for a more seamless switch particularly if you were a heavy smoker; but by all means, feel free to indulge yourself if you fancy. Speaking of category, e-liquids are grouped into the following flavour categories:

  • Tobacco Flavours
  • Menthol Flavours
  • Fruity Flavours
  • Dessert Flavours
  • Sweet Flavours
  • Drinks/Beverages

Knowing that, understanding this vast world becomes easier.

4. Try Some Nic Salts

Most smokers are willing to kick the habit, but some have been unsuccessful because they have not been able to find something that works for them. This especially regards heavy smokers and individuals who have been actively using nicotine for many years. If that sounds like you, consider nicotine salt e-liquids. Also known as nic salts or salt nics, these e-liquids are formulated differently from their freebase counterparts, whether that be regular or sub-ohm juices. This different composition allows salt nics to carry higher nicotine content but still manage to feel smoother than their ordinary counterparts. Salt nics are also absorbed into the bloodstream faster so they are more effective, curbing the urge to vape frequently. As a person who was used to traditional cigarettes or if you have found the transition from smokes to vapes a challenge, nic salts can be the difference maker.

5. Regularly Swap Your Coils

Vape coils are an integral component of every vape device. They are the element responsible for vaporising the juice in your tank (heating and converting it into vapour). Coils can be the cause of many vape problems, though, a lot of which can be attributed to poor vaping techniques and maintenance. Vape coils are not made to last forever, you see. They need changing every once in a while; otherwise your vape could start tasting burnt. The frequency of change depends on how frequently you use your e-cig device. Which takes us to the next point…

6. Different Tanks For Different Flavours

As a vaper, e-cig maintenance should be part of your weekly routine. While cleaning is generally recommended for most refillable e-cigs, this applies more if you regularly switch between flavours but rely on the same tank. Which is understandable really as most of us have more than one favourite flavour. Investing in multiple tanks (or devices) can absolve you of the need to clean your e-cig device every time you want to switch a flavour. The good thing is that you can find great kits without having to empty your wallet. In fact, investing in two or more vape setups is one of the best decisions you can make if you’ll be vaping actively.

7. Storing Vape Juice

Lastly, it’s important to know how to store your vape juice. Consider doing e-liquid purchases in bulk as this is not only more cost-effective, but you also don’t want the inconvenience of having to order a bottle or two every couple of days. The best way to store vape juice is to keep your bottles in a dark area, away from direct heat and sunlight. Also make sure to keep your bottles tightly sealed to prevent air from getting in and degrading the quality of your stash. Storing e-liquids this way for a few weeks will improve the flavour, resulting in richer vape experiences.

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