Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Vape Device

May 23, 2023

Things to Consider When Choosing Your First Vape Device
So, you’ve decided you want to try out vaping – well, props to you! The world of vaping is undoubtedly an intriguing one. At the same time, it can be perplexing for anyone who is just make their first forays into it. There is just so much to learn, but on the upside, it all becomes clearer and simpler as you go along. If you are a first-time vaper looking to invest in your first vape device, some advice on how to go about it can go some way towards ensuring you pick the right gear. We’ve all been there, and some of us wish there was someone there to hold our hand when we were getting into vaping. No matter… Knowing what we do now, it’s fair to say we are well placed to lend that guiding hand to anyone who needs it. And that’s why we are here. Here are some of the key things you need to think about when choosing your first vape device.
  1. Type of Vaporiser Options
One of the very first things you need to know when getting into vaping is the wide array of vaporiser options available. This will more than half-simplify your decision. You will encounter all sorts of devices in the market varying in functionality, size, appearance, quality, price and more. But all you need to do is understand that all these products fall into distinct categories. There are:
  • Cig-a-Likes – these resemble the tobacco cigarette in look, down to the glowing end. They were the first generation of electronic cigarettes but it’s a type of device you should feel free to eliminate from the equation. Not only are they dying out, but chances are their efficacy will not do it for you.
  • Pod Vapes – these are the latest category of vaporiser. Barely new, they are revolutionising the market and vaping industry as a whole. That’s because they are small, compact but super effective devices due to their reliance on a type of nicotine known as nicotine salt.
Smokers making the switch to smoking will love them, as will anyone who would rather avoid the vaping learning curve for now. But if you are a heavy smoker, they might prove a bit costly compared to the next category. Here’s an example of a pod vape from AquaVape.
  • Vape Pens – This is the most diverse category of e-cigarettes. Unlike pod vapes, these are reusable devices that have a tank and need e-liquid refilling. Vape pens are not only stylish, but they open up the vast world of e-liquids for you.
More recently, the invention of nicotine salts means that unlike yester years, you can now use nicotine salt e-liquids with these devices. They may have been a bit ineffective for some people making the switch from smoking to vaping, but with nic salt e-liquids now available, that should be a thing of the past. Here is an example of a starter kit that includes all the hardware a beginner needs to get started, vape pen included.
  • Sub-ohms and mods – Recommended for more advanced vapers, sub-ohms and mods are more powerful vape devices used to blow huge vapour clouds.
Here is an example of a Sub Ohm from AquaVape.
  1. Are you a MTL or DL Vaper?
Unlike ordinary cigarettes, vape devices do not involve a universal inhalation method. You will encounter MTL (mouth-to-lung) devices and DL (direct-lung) devices. Mouth-to-lung is a style of vaping similar to what you do when smoking a cigarette. You draw in the vapour, hold it in the mouth for a few secs, before inhaling into the lungs. Naturally, most people should resort to this style. Which is a good thing considering most vape devices ideal for beginners, vape pens for example, are MTL devices. On the other hand, some people may also prefer DL (direct-lung) vaping. This involves inhaling vapour from the device straight to the lungs. This is a style used more in sub ohms and mods (See the benefits of Sub Ohming), although a select number of other vaporisers may also be direct-lung. The difference is in the tip of the device, so that’s something to double check on prior to purchase.
  1. Tank and Battery Capacity
Capacity could relate to either the tank (the part that holds e-liquid) or battery power. If you are in the UK, tank capacity should not be a biggie because since 2017, e-cigarette laws limit the capacity of e-cig tanks to a maximum of 2ml. When it comes to the battery, you might want to check how long the battery is capable of holding up before the device needs a recharge. A 650 mAh battery, for instance, (with 3.7V constant output) should last 7-8 hours on average for the average person. Vape batteries last long, but it is best practice to have an extra battery on hand.
  1. E-Liquid Options
Choosing and experimenting with different e-liquids is one of the most fun aspects of vaping. There is no good or bad flavour: the best e-liquid flavour will vary from one person to the next. However, always make sure to source your e-liquid from a reputable provider. Quality is a big deal (and sometimes brand) when it comes to e-juice. AquaVape was recently voted as one of the UK’s best e-liquid brands, with the AV Fresh Menthol flavour in particular earning accolades. As well, you should understand that there are PG (propylene glycol)-based e-liquids and VG (vegetable glycerine)-based e-liquids. Knowing the difference determines many things, including the type of device suited for it and how well you will end up enjoying the juice. Here is a simple guide on choosing the best e-liquid for you.
  1. Always Insist on Quality

When it comes to vaping, you should never compromise on quality in the name of saving a few coins here and there. Quality hardware will never endanger your safety. And quality e-liquids won’t put your health at risk.

Last Word

With these few pointers, we hope this article has given you more clarity with regard to the things you need to consider when choosing your first vape device. We wish you all the best in your vaping journey!

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