Temperature Control: Does it Matter Much Really?

May 22, 2023

Temperature Control: Does it Matter Much Really?

When temperature control (TC) vape devices first hit the scene, they were largely considered one of those new fads designed to hoodwink unwitting vapers into digging a little deeper into their pockets. That opinion has gradually changed through the years as the benefits of temperature control vaping have become apparent to all and sundry. Initially, temperature control was a feature that came with advanced mods tailored for seasoned vapers. With the evolving vape technology, though, newbie vapers are also encouraged to try TC devices as the once nouveau technology becomes more commonplace. While this does not mean you will largely find the TC feature on most vaping devices out there since it’s a feature more commonly used in mods, an increasing number of beginner-friendly devices are also coming with the function. So, what is temperature control and why how does it matter?

Defining Temperature Control

Temperature control, abbreviated as TC, is basically a suite of settings found on some mods. The function allows you to specify power outputs based not on wattage or voltage, but temperature instead. For example, instead of specifying an output of 60W on your mod, you would set it to output at 230 degrees centigrade max. So, the atomiser will only max out at 230ºC when you fire up your device. When it comes to temperature settings, majority of TC vape mods support between 100 and 350ºC, so it takes some experimentation to find your sweet spot. Once you manage to establish what temperature is most ideal for you, you can lock it in and the coil and power will never surpass that until you change it again. Everything is regulated by the TC suite inside the mod, so you don’t have to do much else other than sit back and enjoy your vape.

Why Temperature Control Matters

In addition to improving your vape experience by having allowing you to specify the exact temperature that feels perfect for all your favourite vape flavours, there are several other benefits to vaping at temperature control which you don’t really appreciate until you’ve tried it out. If you’ve been wondering what the fuss about TC vaping is all about, here is what else you can expect:

  • Safety
Your safety comes before all else. Temperature control guarantees you that by staving off any power-related issues that could pose a health hazard. A TC device will simply not allow you to crank up your wattage to what can be deemed dangerously high levels. If the coil can’t take the power, the TC unit won’t send it. Simples. Another advantage of TC with regard to safety is that it ensures you don’t inhale any potential dangerous carbonyls such as formaldehyde. This is a gas emitted when a dry wick is burnt, as explained in our next point.
  • Prevents Dry Hits
Anyone who has been vaping for a while will no doubt be familiar with burnt hits. This can occur when you don’t load up when your e-liquid drains or the wicking job is not up to snuff. Regardless of the reason for getting dry hits, it’s not a very pleasant experience. Dry hits are not something that should concern you anymore when you use a TC mod. If your vape juice is running out and you forget to refill, your temperature control mod can detect when the wick goes dry. Furthermore, a dry wick will increase the temperature of the device. This will signal to the TC unit to cut on power, so you won’t get a burnt vape but rather, less vapour. Isn’t that just plain wonderful? Speaking of safety…
  • Extends Battery Life
Devices with the temperature control feature are known to use batteries for a longer time compared to variable wattage devices. And the rationale behind this is simple: you only set a temperature that is just sufficient to heat up your coils to only vaporise your e-liquid. It’s a case of waste-not what-not.
  • Improves Coil and Wick Lifespan
Another reason temperature control makes sense is because unlike variable wattage devices, TC protects your coils and wicks from high temperatures which could necessitate you to change them more regularly. In turn, burnt coils and wicks will be a thing of the past.

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