Stretch Your Supply: Tips to Make Vape Juice Last Longer

May 22, 2023

Stretch Your Supply: Tips to Make Vape Juice Last Longer

There is nothing like running out of juice when you crave a vape. Even worse, it could be in the middle of the night or you find yourself in some place where you can’t access a vape store, online or otherwise. If you are a former smoker, you will know it is best practice to always have some back-up smokes on hand. You most likely learned that the hard way. It is no different with vaping, as anyone who has been vaping for a while will tell you. At the time of publishing this blog post, most of the world is in partial lockdown and brick-and-mortar vape shops in countries like the UK have been ordered shut by the government, along with other ‘non-essential’ businesses. But vaping is essential for you, if they asked you! Still, that places even more importance into the habit of saving up some e-liquid for a rainy day for when you find yourself in such a frustrating situation. In this article, we outline a few measures that can go some way towards stretching your e-liquid supply. The bonus that comes with it is that you will find yourself saving money along the way as you will be using less of your juice. Check this out…

Lower your Wattage

Whether your device uses voltage, wattage or temperature control, it might be a good idea to lower the power as much as possible if you are on your last bottle of e-liquid. That’s because the more power you use, the more juice you consume, and subsequently, the faster you will down your supplies. If you are using a sub-ohm, consider powering down your device as well as these are high-power devices. Experiment with different settings to establish a balance that works best for you.

Use a High Resistance Coil

Low resistance coils – and by these we mean coils made for sub-ohming (below 1 Ohm) – are not meant to be used at low wattage. Otherwise you won’t get much of a throat hit, let alone sufficient vapour. In order to function optimally, low resistance coils require more power. That means if you want a satisfying (and efficient) vape, you will need to switch to a higher resistance coil. But that will also mean having a low-power device (anything not called a mod or sub-ohm). You do have a vape pen somewhere, don’t you? Here’s a great option from our Series line that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Which takes us to the next point…

Switch to Vape Pens and Pods

Sub ohming can be an expensive pastime, especially if done regularly. That’s because it makes use of high-powered devices that gobble up e-liquid much faster than a regular vape pen or pod is capable of. So, when you find your supplies running low and there doesn’t appear to be any salvation in sight, you might be wise to lay your sub ohm down in favour of a personal vaporiser or pod vape.

Bump up your Nicotine Concentration

Tough times call for tough measures. In the event you find yourself in a situation where e-liquid is a bit of a luxury, you might want to cut down on the amounts you consume. One way to do this is to opt for a higher strength juice. This way, you will vape less and so will need less e-liquid to satisfy those nicotine cravings.

Opt for Nicotine Salts

Similarly, another way you can get maximum satisfaction from a juice without using much of it is to go with nicotine salts instead. Nicotine salts deliver more nicotine satisfaction per inhale than regular e-liquid which contains freebase nicotine. They get nicotine to your bloodstream faster while managing to remain smoother at the same time. So, while they might appear expensive, you will vape less and in the process, stretch your e-liquid for longer. The downside to nicotine salts is that while they are more potent in terms of nicotine, the smoothness might not be desirable for someone who prefers a stronger throat hit.

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