May 24, 2023


The great thing about vaping becoming more popular is that there are more options than ever to choose from. The bad thing is that all of these options can quickly become confusing to the first-time vaper. MOD is a term you may come across, and its short for modified device. There are two basic distinctions between various MODs, and those are regulated versus unregulated. Find out more about regulated or unregulated MOD types below.

What Does Regulated/Unregulated Mean?

The regulated/unregulated characteristic of a MOD relates to the regulation of the current flowing from the battery to the coils in a vaporizer. A regulated MOD regulates the current so that it doesn’t overheat or short the circuit. Most standard vaporizers have this feature already built-in to keep vapers from creating dangerous situations. Even variable wattage vaporizers have their limits.

Unregulated MODs don’t have this fail-safe mechanism, so they can be dangerous if a vaper doesn’t know what they are doing. Instead of pressing the button once to fire up the device, unregulated MODs require the user to press the button for each puff. The button completes the circuit, which heats up the coils and creates the vapor. Pressing the button too long, however, can overheat the battery or cause a shortage in the atomizer. Usually experienced vapers who have handled various devices are best suited to use an unregulated MOD.

What are the Benefits/Drawbacks of Each?

MODs can be a fun way to build your own personalized vaporizer. Beginners should stick to regulated MODs until they get comfortable with the circuitry, battery compatibility, and resistance levels of vaporizers. Regulated MODs tend to be safer for users since they will have limits in place to prevent overheating. Another benefit to regulated MODs is that they usually come equipped with a digital display that will show the user the voltage, wattage, resistance, and battery charge data. The downside to regulated MODs is that the user may not be able to tweak the settings as much as they would like.

Unregulated MODs allow users to adjust the settings as much as they would like, but it could result in some dangerous combinations. At best, the battery could drain quickly. At worst, it could explode. Before testing an unregulated MOD, users should become familiar with Ohm’s law and how vaporizers work. They should also make sure their batteries and coils are compatible before building the device. A kit will make this easier, since you know the parts will be compatible with each other already. When you’ve got the right parts and right combination of power and resistance, you can make some pretty dense clouds with an unregulated MOD!

Choosing between a regulated or unregulated MOD depends on your personal comfort level with high power circuitry, or your access to someone who has experience and can show you how to build a MOD safely. Building an unregulated MOD can be a highly satisfying experience when you discover the right settings, but regulated MODs will offer you the safest experience if you don’t fancy risking a burn or a ruined device.

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