Recycling Vape products the do's & don'ts 

May 10, 2023

Recycling Vape products the do's & don'ts

Recycling Vape products the do's & don'ts

So you've started vaping and enjoying it. You know that's not all, but now you need to learn how to effectively recycle those parts you don't need anymore.

What about chargers and wires?

A nice easy one this! You can recycle all your old vape parts by taking them to a designated collection point. If there isn't any local, the website will find one near you and if they can't then they take care of it for you in an eco-friendly way. For example, take the wire that connects your charger to the wall; simply cut out what you don't need and pop it in a recycling bin (not in your regular trash). When taking your old vape parts to a recycling bin, make sure you remove the little rubber stoppers from your tanks so they don't get stuck in the machine. And try not to mix up which bits belong to what as trying to take them apart can be quite confusing!

Recycling your vape device

Vape devices are made out of Stainless Steel, Liners, Condensers, Bearings, and Plastics. To dispose of them, take them to your city's recycling centre or compost heap. You can also re-purpose things like batteries, wires, and chargers.

What about my old vape device?

When you don't use your vape device anymore it is still usable, you only need the basics like a battery and atomizer. Why not give your old vape parts away for free to your friends or family who is looking to make the switch to vaping?

Do you have to recycle your vape parts separately?

No, not necessarily. You can mix and match as long as they are all e-cigarettes, vaporizers, or vape pens then there should be no problems with usage. All the parts of an electronic cigarette work together to provide a better experience so it is recommended that you keep them. The only time you may need to take them apart is if they stop working/firing up however sometimes it's easier just to buy a new one.

How do I recycle vape coils?

To recycle your old vape coils, you can simply drop them off at a recycling facility. Most cities have one set up, and they're typically near your town's dumpster. If you can't find a recycling centre in your area, there are mail-in services that will accept your coils - all you have to do is ship it back! What about Coils made of Nichrome Wire These should be treated as general household waste because they contain a low-level current and technically aren't classed as electrical waste which would require specialist disposal.

Recycling Vape tanks

Many people use atomisers for vaping but just because the coil has been replaced doesn't mean that the tank has to be thrown away. If you have a spare tank or don't mind getting one, it's best for the environment if you give it to someone who has switched and is still vaping.

How to recycle batteries

There are lots of batteries produced every year and because of this, they want to ensure all types are recycled. Batteries that come from e-cigarettes should be treated the same as any other household battery. They should be removed from devices, taken to recycling centres or collection points, and disposed of properly depending on the facilities available in your area. Battery recycling is simple There are a few options when deciding what to do with your vape batteries once they're out of juice. The best for the environment is to trade them in for new ones but this requires purchase so try giving it to someone who is vaping or perhaps someone who has recently quit smoking. This will not only provide you with peace of mind but also reduce the number of batteries in circulation. If you decide to recycle, make sure it's done in an official capacity by taking them to your local recycling centre or e-waste disposal facility. To Summerise - Take apart all aspects of your vape device and only keep the ones you will use. - Put any lids, rubber seals, metal mesh from inside herb cartridges back in their original containers. - Make sure batteries are discharged before recycling or disposing of them. Most e-cigarettes have built-in USB chargers that can be used to discharge them safely. - Don't forget the little things like atomizers, cartomizers, coils, drip tips, etc. - Remove batteries from devices if necessary for recycling purposes. - Only put parts in recycling bins that say they accept vape parts or electrical waste on the bin itself - Don't forget to clean out tanks or drip tips before recycling them. - Visit your local recycling centre for more information on where to recycle vape parts in your area.

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