Quitting Cigarettes for Vapes? Here are 4 Golden Tips to Remember

May 9, 2023

Quitting Cigarettes for Vapes? Here are 4 Golden Tips to Remember

4- Golden Tips To Remember When Swapping Cigs For Vapes

The health effects of cigarettes are known to everyone and their neighbour. Still, millions of people remain active smokers. That’s not to mean they are not concerned about their health. If anything most smokers have tried to quit at one point or another, and health concerns are one of the top reasons behind the decision. Unfortunately, nicotine so happens to be one of the most addictive substance available to man, so many find themselves unable to get out of its shackles. You probably do too. For all the quitting tools available to smokers, vaping has been found to be the most reliable method compared to other forms of nicotine replacement therapy. That means if you have reached the inflection point and are considering quitting smoking for good, there are fewer better ways to do it than by taking up vaping. Before switching from smoking, however, there are a few things worth knowing that can up your chances of dropping cigarettes for good. Because the choices you make when you switch to vapes can be the difference between sticking with it and falling off the wagon.

1. Identify The Right Eliquid Flavour

Vape flavours are a central part of vaping. While this wealth of options means there can be no dull day, it also means finding a good match for you can be a bit challenging. Finding the right flavour needs patience and could take multiple tries before identifying the one that sits well with you. You could strike it lucky at first try, but there’s a chance you could find yourself going through endless flavours before finding “the one”. As a general rule, we often recommend starting with a tobacco flavour if you’re switching from traditional cigarettes. That way, you are able to adapt more seamlessly than jumping straight into say, a Bakery & Dessert offering or Sweet Flavour which, whilst familiar, might not be exactly what you need at this point of your transition. For heavy smokers in particular, anything too far removed from the taste of an actual cigarette can increase the chances of reverting to smoking. That would defeat the whole purpose. When you get through that initial adaptation period and start exploring the flavours, we recommend starting with the familiar and then working your way outward. For instance, if you love cherries or banana, start with a juice that uses Cherry or Banana as a base.

2. Keep In Mind That All Flavours Are Not Equal

Still on the topic of flavours, it’s important to keep in mind that the world of e-liquids is a vast world. For one, individual flavours come in different variations. For example, Tobacco Flavour might be available in the form of Virginia tobacco, Burley tobacco, RY4 tobacco and so on. Therefore, before picking up the first tobacco flavour you come across, take note of these subtleties. One might not work for you, but a different variation could do the job. That’s not forgetting that flavours also come in various blends. For example, Menthol could be available as a Classic menthol or as a menthol blend – Raspberry Menthol, Blackcurrant Ice, Cherry Menthol and so on. More than that, it’s also worth noting that flavours from different brands do not taste the same. This is where quality and mixology come into the picture. An Apple or Mango e-liquid from “Brand A” will likely taste different from an Apple or Mango e-liquid from “Brand B”. Therefore, if you find flavours from a certain company are not sitting well with you, you can always try products from a different brand. Just make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable vendor like Aquavape that is licensed and has a history of delivering quality products.

3. Establish An Ideal Nicotine Level

As with picking the right flavour, nicotine strength can make or break your success rate when switching to vaping. E-liquids come in different nicotine variations that range from 0mg with the maximum depending on the region you are in. In the UK and EU, the maximum nicotine allowed in freebase e-liquids is 18mg. Choosing your nicotine strength based on how heavy of a smoker you were. If you were a light smoker who did with 5 cigarettes a day, try starting with a 6mg nicotine range. If you feel it’s too much, go one step down and try a 3mg content. Likewise, heavy smokers (a pack or two a day) can start with a nicotine strength of 12mg. If it doesn’t provide the satisfaction you seek, upgrade to an 18mg strength. If you still don’t find anything that suits your preferences or they all feel underwhelming, consider giving nicotine salts a try. Nic salts are the closest thing to a regular cigarette, basically offering the same satisfaction as a cigarette; only this time, there are no smoking-related chemicals to worry about.

4. A Good Kit Can Mean Make Or Break

Finding the right e-cig device is absolutely crucial in your quitting journey. Just because you were a heavy smoker does not mean you should go with the most powerful device. Vaping doesn’t work like that. There are nuances to it. In fact, chances are the smallest device – by this we mean a salt nic pod kit or disposable vape – might be a more ideal fit for a heavy smoker. By that same token, a medium-sized device such as a vape pen might suit lighter smokers better, assuming this device is paired with a regular juice or 50/50 e-liquid. A powerful device can ruin the experience for you, and equally, a weak device can result in an underwhelming vape. A good place to start shopping when switching from cigarettes to vapes is to consider vape starter kits designed for first time vapers (avoid mods and sub-ohm devices for now). The best thing about starter kits is they make shopping for a good device easier since they bundle together everything that you need to get started.


While it might feel challenging at first, be patient with yourself when you make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. It’s a big change you are making, especially if you have been smoking for several years; decades maybe. By making the right choices, however, it’s only a matter of time until you adapt to vaping and give up smoking for good. The above tips are a great starting point.

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