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Premium E-Liquid vs. Low-Cost E-Liquid: What’s the Difference?

May 23, 2023

Premium E-Liquid vs. Low-Cost E-Liquid: What’s the Difference?

The e-liquid manufacturing space is awash with brand names and a litany of flavours too many to exhaust.

What was once a field offering tobacco and menthol flavours only has metamorphosed into an industry with literally hundreds of different flavour choices spanning an array of categories that include fruit, candy, dessert, and more.

These days, vapers also have the option to pick between premium e-liquid and low-price juice.

With the plethora of options on offer, the decision on which juice to opt for is one every vaper must wrestle with because, you know – taste is subjective.

In addition to picking a flavour, you need to make a decision on the kind of juice you want price-wise – is it the less expensive or its more expensive cousins? Or maybe a combination of both?

There is no one clear-cut answer that satisfies every vaper.

What’s the Difference?

Every e-liquid carries the same basic ingredients – vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine (although some are nicotine-free), as well as flavouring.

Now, if you are buying an expensive juice, you should know it’s not because you are shelling out for premium VG or PG. Similarly, it is not the nicotine content that separates premium e-liquid from normal vape juice.

That is not to mean that poor quality VG/PG is fine, nor an impure nicotine solution okay. Low quality ingredients lead to low quality e-liquids.

Then again, we assume by now you know the importance of staying clear of juices that come from questionable sources.

The difference between premium and cheap vape juice lies in the flavour profile of the finished product.

While not all e-liquids manufactured from food-grade flavours go for cheap, the choice to use either food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade base products also has a bearing on price.

The latter are a tad costlier, reason being that they undergo more testing compared to food grade products.

Ultimately, it is each vendor or manufacturer who decides how cheap or expensive they want to go with their ingredients. Problem is, they are not obligated to divulge this information to their customers.

Which means it is entirely up to them to label their offerings as premium or not.

Which is Better?

And now comes the question of which of the two makes for a better choice. It is easy to assume straightaway that a cheap juice has nothing on its premium counterpart. But it’s not so cut and dry.

Of course, for those who consider themselves vaping connoisseurs, digging a little deeper into the pocket for premium e-juice makes sense. That’s because premium e-liquids tend to have richer tastes overall.

However, if you usually have trouble distinguishing the subtle notes present in e-liquid (just like wine or chocolate) then spending money on premium juice doesn’t make much sense.

Premium e-liquid is all about flavour profile. It costs more because of the effort and time it takes to develop, not to mention the resources that go into it.

That should not be taken to mean lower-priced e-liquid is one dimensional in taste. Even cheaper juices do carry multiple flavour profiles synonymous with premium juice.

Matter of fact, a well-crafted low-price juice may have a similar (if not better flavour profile) than its more expensive alternative.

Here at AquaVape, some of our e-liquids are made with a long list of different flavours, others may only boast one or two.

There are those who prefer the multi-flavoured kind, others something a little simpler.

For these customers, as with vapers all over, it’s not all about budget. That is there, obviously, but there is also the small matter of individual taste and preference.

Ultimately, that is what determines a better juice – especially if quality is a no-compromise factor for the manufacturer. Like us.

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