Not Getting Enough Vapour From Your E-Cig Device? Here's How to Resolve It

May 27, 2023

Not Getting Enough Vapour From Your E-Cig Device? Here's How to Resolve It
Being the electronic devices with movable components that they are, vape devices are prone to the occasional malfunction or failure to perform as expected. Among the many issues you could encounter with your e-cig device is poor vapour production. This could either happen following a refill or might be a problem that creeps in over time. Other times, the vape may suddenly start misbehaving, leaving you wondering if it has to do with the device itself or the new e-liquid you just topped it up with. The issue of low vapour production is a common one, and turns out, the underlying reasons are wide-ranging. Below, we look at some of the most common reasons that could explain why you may not be getting enough vapour from your e-cig device.
  1. Battery issues
This may sound obvious, but some devices tend to produce less vapour when the device is low on power – even before the LED light starts blinking signalling it’s time for a recharge. Recharge your battery and notice if there is a difference in cloud production when the battery is full versus when it’s low on power. If you have a spare vape battery on hand, you might also want to try it and see if that makes a difference. Still on the issue of battery, you can also check the area around the connector for any old e-liquid build-up. When gunk builds up around this area, the impurities could let air in, compromising on the device’s performance. This is why it’s important to clean your device on a regular. While you’re at it, pay special attention to the air vents on the side. When they are clogged up, your device won’t produce sufficient vapour and you will be forced to draw harder on your e-cig to get anything out of it at.
  1. Voltage and airflow
If you are using a device with adjustable voltage and/or airflow, tweaking the settings might just solve the problem for you. In the case of voltage, try bumping it up – the amount of power coming from the battery heading to the coil is directly proportional to the quantity of vapour that will be produced. Increasing the voltage will also enhance the flavour depth too. However, more doesn’t mean merrier in this instance. Too much voltage can burn your vape coils, leaving you with another issue to address altogether. As for airflow, increasing it can also lead to production of more vapour. But this solution, again, applies only to devices that come with adjustable airflow.
  1. Lower your resistance
An e-cig atomiser contains several essential parts that link to the battery. This critical component is where all the action goes down, so suffice to say it plays a key role in the amount of vapour your e-cig produces. If the clouds you’re getting are underwhelming, consider investing in an atomiser that allows you to lower the resistance. What happens when you lower the resistance is that the coil is able to heat up faster, in turn producing more vapour when you vape. Consult a reputable vendor on the best choice of atomiser if you’re not sure where to start or about the whole issue of compatibility. What is important to keep in mind is that your battery needs to be equipped for the specific atomiser you plan to pair it up with. Otherwise, you risk running into real issues. On the whole, though, lowering your atomiser resistance will enhance your vaping experience as far as getting more vapour goes.
  1. Try an e-liquid with more VG
As you probably know, e-liquids come with a composition of both propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) in a set ratio. This PG/VG ratio can either be 50/50, 40/60, 30/70, 20/80, or 100%VG. 100%PG is less common, unless you opt to go DIY. But if you’re looking to boost your cloud production, that won’t really be necessary. That’s because high VG e-liquids give off more vapour, such that the higher the VG content, the more clouds you can expect. Often, though, that is at the expense of flavour and throat hit. Anyway, if you’re getting low clouds and everything else, assuming, is fine, try a higher VG juice if more clouds is what you’re after.
  1. Upgrade your vaping device
The type of vape setup you’re using has a direct correlation to the amount of vapour you’re getting. Smaller starter kits will not be able to produce much because they are not designed to handle the airflow necessary for cloud production. That doesn’t mean you should invest in a super powerful mod to get decent clouds. Absolutely not. However, at least you should get a solid mid-sized vaporiser – a good sub-ohm device should work perfectly fine – a device that can take all VG e-liquids and has a powerful battery to boot, without being oversized. That said, it’s also important to add that sometimes you could experience poor vapour production from your device if you bought a low quality device or are using a unit that is faulty. All the more reason to always purchase your hardware from reputable sources to avoid frustrating issues such as this.

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