Nicotine-Free Vaping: Does It Make Sense?

May 9, 2023

Nicotine Free Vaping

These days, the vaping scene presents us with more options than at any other point before. And expectedly so really, considering the rapid growth that has been witnessed in the sector on both the hardware and e-liquid fronts despite this being a relatively blossoming industry.

That growth has seen the vaping community getting served all kinds of vape hardware and e-liquids that replicate every edible flavour under the sun.

It is only natural then to see an evolution of vapers as well. Unlike the early years when vaping was in its nascent stages, vapers nowadays are not predominantly nicotine users. Reason is because vaping has expanded into more than just a substitute for combustible cigarettes.

Make no mistake, vaping is still viewed as a smoking substitute by many (and an effective one at that). But it has evolved beyond that.

Today, there is an increasing number of non-nicotine vapers – users who are picking up vape devices for something else other than nicotine satisfaction. While some are ex-smokers-turned-vapers who have managed to cut back on their nicotine consumption and successfully wean off nicotine, a good number are people who have never smoked or used tobacco before.

And they are well-catered for, with a wealth of options to choose from as far as e-cig devices and vape flavours go.

Question is, does nicotine-free vaping make sense?

Why Vape 0mg Nicotine?

For clarity purposes, it’s worth highlighting that nicotine-free vaping makes use of 0mg e-liquids. These e-liquids come in various formats. They could be either:

Standard e-liquids – by standard we mean both sub-ohm offerings and regular e-liquids, both categories of which are available in 0mg variants depending on brand and flavour. For example, most e-liquids in the Aquavape stable provide options in terms of nicotine strength, ranging from 18mg all the way down to 0mg, aka nicotine-free variants.

Shortfill e-liquids – larger vape bottles (think 50ml and above) which are typically used for sub-ohming as they carry a higher volume of VG (vegetable glycerine) vs PG (propylene glycol). Shortfills typically do not contain any nicotine and can be vaped as-is or spiked with a nic shot of choice for those who so fancy.
Disposable vapes – disposable e-cigs are relatively new to the market, and nicotine-free disposable vapes are even harder to come by. But they are increasingly becoming common as brands look to satisfy this category of users.
Now to the crux of the matter: why do some vapers prefer 0mg vapes? Isn’t that like smoking a cigarette with no nicotine, which defeats the purpose?

Well, plenty of reasons actually.

Less Harmful

Let’s be honest, nicotine in itself may not be fatal, but its highly addictive properties mean it can be difficult to get your juices flowing if you don’t get your regular hit. That makes you a slave to it but more than that, nicotine alters your brain receptors and dopamine signals to the point that in its absence, few things barely excite you.

In other words, nicotine addiction numbs your pleasurable sensation over time through continued artificial inducement of the feel-good hormone that is dopamine. That’s not to mention the short-term and long-term side effects of using nicotine.

Better-Tasting Eliquids

Nicotine has a ‘pepper-like’ taste to it which is why e-liquids with high amounts of nicotine tend to have a harsh taste. The less nicotine in a juice, the better you are able to discern the flavour notes.

It is little wonder then that while PG-based e-liquids make flavours pop due to propylene glycol’s better flavour-carrying abilities, some flavour chasers opt for higher VG e-liquids which typically contain minimal nicotine. Yet, they boast great flavour delivery due to the high amount of vapour they produce which in turn carries the flavour of the juice nicely.

Less Throat Hit

Throat hit is that kick you get at the back of the throat and lungs when you smoke or vape a juice containing nicotine. That’s the holy grail for most smokers and nicotine users, but some people find this feeling uncomfortable.

If you are in the latter category, then vaping zero-nicotine juice makes sense. Ditto those people who simply want to experience the joy of vaping and sample the flavours without the risk of developing a nicotine addiction.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Speaking of sampling flavours, vaping is a great way to indulge yourself in tasty treats without feeling guilty about your decision.

For people looking to cut back on sweets and things wheat – whether for weight or medical reasons – vaping allows you to enjoy your favourite flavours without any negative consequences, and 0mg e-liquids are a perfect way to do that without having to worry about the nicotine factor.

It’s not exactly a like-for-like replacement, but it’s the closest flavour replication you will get without having to get anything into your body (read sugar and calories) that you don’t want to. Plus, some e-liquid houses like Aquavape have earned a reputation for the high quality of our blends, some of which have gone on to earn rave reviews and win awards.

Better Value For Money

No, nicotine-free e-liquids are not necessarily cheaper than their nicotine equivalents.

However, some 0mg e-liquids are packed in larger-quantity bottles (read short fills) which are better value for money in the long-term and last you longer.


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