May 23, 2023


Is 3mg of Nicotine a Lot?

Is 3mg of nicotine a lot? This is a question we hear a lot from new vapers. But before we delve into it, let’s first give you a lowdown on e-cigarettes and nicotine. Is 3mg of nicotine a lot? This is a question we hear a lot from new vapers. But before we delve into it, let’s first give you a lowdown on e-cigarettes and nicotine.

Nicotine Levels in E Liquid

E liquid is available with or without nicotine, and this is one benefit vaping has over smoking: the freedom to choose how much nicotine you want to take in. This is because e liquid comes in a range of nicotine strengths, with levels varying from 0mg to the capped limit of 24mg in the UK, although it can go as high as 36mg in some countries. The mg is the standard unit of measurement of the amount of nicotine in e-juice. It is usually displayed as mg or mg/ml (milligram per millilitre of e-juice). You might find some manufacturers displaying this amount as a percentage. For example, 1.8% as opposed to, say, 18mg/ml. The nicotine content is just the same, just displayed differently. When dealing with nicotine, understanding e liquid strengths is key. Whether you are a pro vaper or new into vaping, it is good to understand how nicotine works on your body and the amount of dosage you are getting into your system. If you have never smoked, starting with nicotine e-juice might not be the brightest idea. Nicotine is an addictive substance and as every smoker will admit, not worth getting hooked to. Besides, the whole point many people have embraced vaping is because it has been found to be an effective alternative to smoking – unlike traditional alternatives to smoking such as nicotine gum or nicotine patches. Many smokers start off with a high nicotine juice, say 18mg or 12mg, then gradually scale it down to 6mg or 3mg – or even 0mg/ml if the goal is to completely wean yourself of the nicotine. So, not only will you be going against the grain by starting off with a nicotine e-juice, but also the side effects of nicotine are not so pleasant for those who have never used it before. Nicotine has a certain “buzz” on non-users that can be likened to the feeling you get when you spin around in a circle continuously before you suddenly come to a stop. It’s not a nice feeling, and the higher the nicotine content, the stronger the effect. 

Is 3mg Nicotine a lot then?

So, to answer the question – is 3mg of nicotine a lot? – let’s say it depends on what level of “nicotine consumer” you are. If you are a two-packs-a-day smoker looking to quit, then 3mg of nicotine is small potatoes and it will probably not stave off the nicotine craving. But if you are a casual smoker or someone doing it for the nic buzz, then starting off with 3mg/ml should work just fine. 3mg is also the most commonly used nicotine strength by users who have been vaping for an extended amount of time and have made the conscious decision to cut down on their nicotine intake. If you are using a vape device with a high nicotine delivery, then 3mg should also work for many former smokers who were on less than 10 sticks a day. Remember, for the smoking-to-vaping switch to be a lasting success, the nic level in your juice should match what you were getting from cigarettes. Initially, the 3mg nicotine strength wasn’t prevalent because e cig devices and coils were less powerful, with users instead settling for the 6mg/ml level. Today, though, we have much more powerful builds and people who use 3mg are mostly on sub-ohm devices or are “drippers” using rebuildable atomisers (RBAs or RDAs). Depending on how they are constructed and the airflow they provide, sub-ohm devices and atomisers are capable of generating more vapour than first-generation vaporisers and cartomisers. Vaping a low-nic e-juice with a sub-ohm guarantees a more satisfying experience than using a standard starter kit/cartomiser.

Conclusion: Is 3mg of Nicotine a Lot?

If used sensibly, nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine. While we’re not denying the fact nicotine is not good for you, its dangers can sometimes be overstated so you shouldn’t be overly anxious about e-juice laced with nicotine, whether it be 3mg or higher. Still, it is advisable to treat it with a little caution and to find your own sweet spot. Lastly, it would be remiss to point out that a lower strength liquid such as 3mg is easier on the throat compared to more concentrated juices. And that can only be a bonus.

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