May 24, 2023


Although vaping can be much more cost-effective than smoking cigarettes, there are still regular costs associated with devices, like e-juice refills and coil replacement. Vaping with dirty or worn out coils can change the flavor of the vape and lead to less effective vapor exchange. Therefore, regularly switching coils is a necessity for quality sessions. To reduce the cost of vaping even further, some vapers may wonder how to keep their coils fresh for the longest amount of time before needing replacement. There are a few ways to achieve this, as we will explain below.

Priming the Coils

Before taking a hit on your new coils, one way to make them last longer is to prime them first. You will do this by dripping e-juice into the holes of the coil head where the wick interacts with the vape juice. This provides a buffer for your coils to prevent them from burning before the e-juice has time to reach the coils when you turn the device on. Next, without firing the device button, you will take a few “dry” hits to fully saturate the wick with the e-juice. After the wick and coils are primed, turn on your device and start vaping. It’s best to start at a lower temperature setting if you have a variable wattage vaporizer, as you break-in your new coils, and work your way up after they've had a chance to expand from the heat.

Nurturing Your Device

There are a few best practices to employ with your vaping device to keep your coils lasting a long time. First, don’t over-fire or over-hit on your device. Rapidly firing doesn’t allow the e-juice to reach the coils in time, which can lead to burning of the coils and increasing the number of dry hits you experience. Spacing out your drags will reduce these experiences. It’s also best not to run your tank dry. Remember to refill your tank before it hits empty to prevent burning and ruining your coil. Lastly, if you’re into cloud chasing and vaping at higher temperatures, it’s best to practice this infrequently and vape at lower temperatures most often. All of these best practices will help your coils last longer.

Performing Regular Maintenance

Of course, regularly cleaning your device will help the coils last longer as well. You’ll know when to clean your coils when the vapor begins to taste abnormal or burnt. Removing the coils, running them under hot water until all residue washes away, and letting them air dry is the best method for cleaning vaporizer coils. After reinserting the coils into your device, turn the device on and allow the coils to heat up and expand. When your device switches off, allow the coils to cool completely before firing again. While repeating this a few times, look for signs of uneven heating before using. If everything seems normal, you are good to go on vaping.

While coils are a regular maintenance cost for vapers, there are a few ways to reduce this cost and help your coils last longer. Using your device properly and performing regular maintenance will help increase your coil’s lifespan before needing replacement.

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