May 24, 2023


For many new vapers, there are a lot of nuts and bolts to orient oneself with when learning the rules of the trade.

How to Know When to Change Coil on Vape

Coils are a crucial component of e-cigarettes. Here is how to know when to change coil on vape devices. For many new vapers, there are a lot of nuts and bolts to orient oneself with when learning the rules of the trade. One important topic revolves around coil best practices. The coil is one of the components of your vape pen where e-juice is converted into vapour. Basically, it’s a heating coil made from a resistance wire which heats up to create mist. What this means is if your coil is not in good shape, your vaping experience will be adversely affected. This might explain why your juice tastes smutty all of a sudden after vaping for several weeks using the same vaporiser. Coils need to be replaced on a regular. The failure to do so is a common pitfall many newbies succumb to, but that’s probably because they are either not aware a coil exists in their vaporisers or when to do a replacement. As well, most new vapers tend to unknowingly discard coils before the required time reaches. While this does not affect the vaping experience, what it does is set you back financially. And we don’t want your vaping experience turning into an expensive pastime, do we?

When to Change your Coil

There are a few tell-tale signs that alert you when it’s time to replace your coil, and they all revolve around changes in your vaping experience. By paying attention to these signs, you can always be sure you are getting the worth of your money by not changing your coils too often than is necessary or ruining your vape experience by leaving it too late to make the change. Here is how.

How to Know When to Change Coil on Vape: A Burnt Taste

When your coil is worn out, one of the most common giveaways is a burnt taste in your mouth when you vape, irrespective of the type of e-liquid you are using. In some instances, you might opt to clean your coil, but this burnt flavour is the perfect indication that a replacement is needed. If you ignore this and continue vaping, there is a danger you might ruin other components of your device. This is why you should change your coil soon as this taste starts registering.

How to Know When to Change Coil on Vape: Your E-juice Tastes off

The burnt flavour is not the only taste you might experience when a coil is damaged. Sometimes, you might find the juice just tastes a little off. It might not be immediately clear what the issue might be, but you will feel the juice isn’t right. When a certain flavour is not coming off the way it should, know there is something wrong – this is assuming, of course, you are not doing cheap products from China. Lingering flavours are also a common issue associated with older coils. These occur when a coil has been exposed to one specific e-liquid flavour for an extended period of time. When you try switching to a new one, you might feel the lingering notes of the old flavour. When you experience any of these tastes, it’s your coil giving you hints that it needs a change.

How to Know When to Change Coil on Vape: Gurgling Sounds

Vaporisers should not gurgle, end of. However, it’s important to point out that a vape device emitting a gurgling sound is not always a sign of a bad coil. Thing is, though, the coil almost always has something to do with it. Check to see if the coil is inserted properly. If it is, consider swapping the coil with another one. Should the gurgling persist after you make the change, know something else is wrong with the device. But if this gurgling resumes a few weeks of using the coil, the coil could very well may be the root cause.

How to Know When to Change Coil on Vape: Low Vapour Production

Coils are not meant to be used forever, so the longer a coil is in use, the more it deteriorates. This change is gradual and you might not even notice it in some devices until it reaches a point when the device is not satisfying you anymore. If it gets to a point that you feel you need to bump up your nicotine levels or you are using much more e-liquid than usual, you might be well served to examine how much vapour your device is producing as it could signal a required change of coil.

How to Know When to Change Coil on Vape: Leaky E-Cigarette

There are several reasons why an e-cig might be leaky. The root cause doesn’t always have to do with an old coil – it could also be precipitated by an overfilled tank or worn-out O-rings – but it is a possibility. A coil that has been overused can trigger leaky conditions and result to problems if you don’t take time to address it. Take your device apart to examine what could be the reason for the leaks. If your coil is long overdue for change, consider replacing it.

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