May 24, 2023


The question of how to get more flavour from vape devices is a common one we encounter from time to time.

How to Get More Flavour from Vape Devices

The question of how to get more flavour from vape devices is a common one we encounter from time to time. It could be from a new vaper who is finding it hard to taste the flavours, or even from seasoned pros who suddenly find they cannot perceive flavours they used to have no problems with. Well, the thing about diminishing flavour is it could be caused by a particular issue or a combination of things, but most of it boils down to three key things in particular:

  • Hardware considerations
  • E-liquid issues
  • How you vape

Let’s expound on each as we try to decipher how to get more flavour from vape devices.

Hardware Considerations

If you are wondering how to get more flavour from vape devices, perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading your equipment. For instance, the material that goes towards the construction of the tank could impact on flavour quality. By and large, plastic tanks cannot measure up to glass tanks when it comes to flavour quality.

The type of atomiser also has a bearing on the amount and strength of flavour you get from your e-cigarette. Bottom-coil attys guarantee a better vape experience than the older style top-coil atomisers. That’s because there is less pressure on the wick to deliver the flavour all the way to the top. But if you really want to enhance your e-juice flavours and overall vape experience, consider making a rebuilder atomiser or venturing into sub-ohm vaping.

As well, wattage and temperature are something to think about. Your juice may taste sweeter at one temperature and richer at another. Some e-liquids will taste great at 20W, others better at 30W. So, consider tweaking the setting that regulates your coil temperature, starting off low and bumping it up little by little to establish the ideal temperature. You should also consider upgrading from simple devices to variable wattage/voltage devices.

Still on the issue of hardware and how it could impact vape flavour, something most people often overlook is the drip tip. Unknown to many, the larger bore drip-tips used in many modern tanks and atomisers tend to have cooler vapour and are generally airier vapes. So, whenever you are shopping for a new tank or atomiser, look for one with a narrower tip as it tends to bring out flavours best.

And of course, we can’t forget the wicking material, a biggie whenever it comes to e-juice flavour. While common in electronic cigarettes, silica wicks tend to mute the flavour. This is why many vapers are turning to cotton. Japanese cotton especially wicks better than most materials and delivers a clean flavour (and it is available in Organic option). Cellucotton (cotton bacon) is also gaining traction while some users are opting for ceramic wicks which have good heat resistance and last a while.

Try out different options to find the most ideal for you. When it comes to coils, some metals have a metallic taste that could ruin your vaping experience. Avoid any material with nickel in it. But you can’t go wrong with Kanthal wire which results in a natural flavour that carries a clean, crisp taste.

Lastly, if you have done pretty much everything on the hardware front and still wondering how to get more flavour from vape devices, you might be overlooking one very basic thing:

cleaning your kit. The cleaner your tank, wick, and coil, the better flavour you end up with.

E-Juice When it comes to e-juice and its effect on vape flavour, a couple of things you want to think about. For starters, everyone and their neighbour knows high quality juice from the UK promises a better vaping experience compared to cheap ass juice from China. As obvious as it may sound, the higher the quality, the better the flavour.

There are no two ways about it. The ratio of PG vs. VG also has a big effect on flavour. While VG juices are always ideal for cloud chasing, they do not carry flavour better than PG juices. However, too much of everything is never always nice, so you find too much PG results in harsher throat hits. As my vaping friend always likes to say, life is all about establishing a good balance, and it’s no different when it comes to vape juice. 50/50 e-liquids from the UK will give you the best flavour while delivering a mild hit. But if you want to stretch it some, try 50-60% PG. But you could have high quality juice and still end up with a compromised flavour. This happens a lot with freshly purchased juice. You see, e-juice is a bit like wine: the more it sits, the better the flavour notes expand (within limits in this case, though). So, whenever you purchase a new bottle, it’s a good idea to allow it to steep (allowing it sometime in a cool, dark place) for a few days before using it.

How you Vape

Most experienced vapers will be familiar with vaper’s tongue: a situation where your tongue becomes exposed to a certain e-juice that you can no longer perceive the tastes clearly. It’s not a fun situation to find yourself in, so it is always good to take some preventative measures. Vary your flavours every once in a while and make it a habit of drinking plenty of water to keep your taste buds in shape. If you happen to suffer vaper’s tongue, try resetting your palate by taking a whiff of fresh coffee beans or even better, sucking on a lemon. As well, vaping with a high airflow as is common in cloud chasing can reduce e-juice flavour. For a better taste, try closing off your airflow and see if this enhances the flavour. In Closing These tips on how to get more flavour from vape devices will change your experience for good. And if we can glean something extra from this, it is the fact that they point to a responsible way of vaping that is not only rewarding and healthy for you, but also good for your vape hardware.

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