How to Get E-Liquid Stains Out of Clothes

May 23, 2023

How to Get E-Liquid Stains Out of Clothes

Accidents do happen. Sometimes, you might be unfortunate and spill your precious e-liquid on a garment or even the cover of your seat. Other times, it might due to a leaky vape device that leaves a mess in your favourite jeans or spills from your shirt pocket. Whatever the case, spilling precious e-liquid that you had saved up for sucks. And getting it all over your fresh threads adds insult to injury. On the bright side, is it possible to salvage the situation, at least on the clothes part, provided you take some appropriate measures fast.

Act Fast

When it comes to getting rid of pesky e-liquid stains on your clothes, there are many ways of peeling the orange. However, it is imperative that you move with haste. Start by soaking the affected clothing with dish-washing detergent which will go to work on the stain immediately and break up the oil from the PG (propylene glycol). If you are at a place where you can’t take off the affected garment, the alternative is to use a wet (and clean) washcloth to blot the affected spot. Once this is done, allow the garment time to dry. And don’t use heat from the dryer! Confirm if the stain is still visible. If it’s not, good for you. If it is, you will need to wash it. Here are some good stain removers you can use.

  • Dish Soap
E-liquid stains are mostly as a result of the oil from PG. That makes them oil-based stains. This is why using a dish soap is more effective as these are designed to target grease. For best results, it is advisable to apply it as soon as possible.
  • Vanish Oxi Action
Vanish Oxi Action is one of the best e-liquid stain removers; doesn’t matter whether the stain is old. There are other alternatives you can opt for, including Oxyclean although this is expensive and not as readily available. Wizz Oxy is another good alternative. It’s cheap and you can find it easily from Poundland. The good thing with these options is that they can achieve results more easily compared to some detergents which could either darken the stain more or lighten the area around the stain. To wash, pour some Vanish Oxi Action powder (or whatever you are using) over the stain. Add some water (warm is best as cold water could set the stain permanently). Then rub over the stain to get the soap into the fabric. If the stain is new, it will probably go away after the first wash. Old e-liquid stains are more stubborn and might need you to repeat the process.
  • Daz
Daz is another good alternative for getting rid of e-liquid stains on clothing which works better on small stains. With Daz, however, you will need to pre-soak the fabric before the wash.
  • Bleach

E-liquid stains could also be from the colouring in the juice. If you suspect that is the case, bleach is a good way of getting rid of the stain, provided of course, that the item is bleach-friendly. Use bleach as a last resort.

The Stain Doesn’t Come Out!

In some instances, detergents won’t be of much help especially if the stain was exposed to high temperatures or sunlight for a long time. Some materials like rayon are stubborn to eliminate the stain from, which is why it is advisable to treat the stain as soon as possible to avoid finding yourself in such a pickle. If you are reading this long after the fact, the option might be to take the item to the drycleaners who are more skilled in cleaning fabrics of all kinds. Otherwise, consider donating the item to someone who doesn’t mind the stain (even a family member) or do what you do with your old clothes.

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