How to Clean a Vape Tank

May 27, 2023

How to Clean a Vape Tank

Knowing how to clean a vape tank is one of the skills every vaper needs to have in their arsenal. A clean vape tank is central to a quality vaping experience. And as any seasoned vaper will tell you, any component of a vape device that is in constant or prolonged exposure to e-liquid needs to be cleaned on a regular. When it comes to e-liquid, the vape tank is actually where it’s at. This is the part of your vape device that holds the juice – aka the reservoir. It is also where all the action goes down, the part where e-liquid is vapourised into the vapour you inhale. This is with the help of the vape coil and wicking material, all of which together make up the atomiser.

How to Clean a Vape Tank: Benefits of Keeping your Tank Clean

If you want to enjoy your vape, a clean tank is a must. A dirty tank not only compromises your e-liquid flavours, but also vapour production. You see, when you don’t clean your tank regularly, residue from e-liquid builds up inside the walls of the tank and also coats your vape coil with a film of gunk. The result is a restricted airflow and overall sub-par performance, not to mention the build-up of residual flavours leaves your vape wanting. Beyond that, cleaning your tank is one of the e-cig maintenance practices that help extend the life of your hardware. Nobody finds fun in going back into their pocket time and again in the name of making vape replacements. Assuming you were not duped into purchasing counterfeit vaping gear, quality vape devices are built to last – and one of the reasons you should buy your vape kits from a trusted brand. Thus, cleaning your tanks might enhance your vape in the immediate, but it also saves you a lot of unwanted costs in the long-term. Read 8 Reasons to Purchase your Vape Supplies from AquaVape

How to Clean a Vape Tank: Here’s Everything You Need

Despite its incredibly important role in your overall vape setup, cleaning a vape tank is actually a job for the left hand. All that’s needed is a few ingredients and tools:

  • Running water (preferably warm)
  • Rubbing alcohol OR vodka OR vinegar OR jewellery cleaner OR dish soap – regular soap or detergent is a no as it leaves behind unwanted odours that can be absorbed into the e-liquid
  • A bowl
  • Safe holder for old e-liquids in the tank
  • Soft cloth (micro fibre) or paper towel
  • Extra paper towel for drying

How to Clean a Vape Tank: Steps to Cleaning your Tank

There are two approaches to cleaning a vape tank: the quick rinse method or full tank cleaning. The need for a full tank clean will usually depend on your usage. If you are a heavy vaper, a full tank clean should be performed at least once a week. Depending on your frequency of use, this period can extend to two weeks, three weeks, or even a month. However, if you want to switch flavours and have only one tank to work with, you will need to do a full tank clean before you pour in your new e-liquid. That would be work, but very much important if you don’t want to negatively impact on your vape. This is why it’s advisable to invest in a spare tank, beginner vaper or not. Anyway, as far as the actual cleaning process goes, here’s what you need to do. First, unscrew the tank from your vaporiser. Next, open the tank and pour out any juice remaining in the tank. Use your safe holding container to put the e-liquid if you don’t want to waste it. If you’re doing a quick rinse after just a few days, simply run your tank under a moderately strong blast of warm water for about 30 seconds. Avoid hot water as it could damage or warp some components. Allow to dry – normally we advise cleaning tanks at night so you can leave them to dry overnight. If you need to use the tank immediately, first shake off any excess water from the tank before wiping off with a soft cloth or paper towel. In the case of a deep clean, you will basically follow the same steps up until the holding-the-tank-under-a-warm-jet-of-water-for-30 seconds part. When you get to this part, next take your small micro-fibre cloth or paper towel and dip it in your desired cleaner of choice – rubbing alcohol, vodka, vinegar, or dish soap. These are all good cleaning agents because they won’t leave behind any unwanted smells or flavours, or damage your hardware. Rub the dampened cloth/paper towel inside the tank to remove any build-up – just as you do utensils. Alternatively, you can opt to soak your dismantled tank and coil inside either of the aforementioned solutions (jewellery cleaner as well) to make it easier to remove the impurities. An hour should be fine, or overnight if there is no hurry. This is where the bowl comes into play. Next, rinse the tank thoroughly with warm water and allow time to dry before reassembling your device. Again, preferably overnight or simply wipe off with a soft cloth or the extra paper towel. That’s it. And with that, you just learned how to clean a vape tank like a pro!

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