May 22, 2023


If you are new to the vaping game, there are a couple of things you are likely to overlook as you focus on the real business. How to clean a vape tank, for instance.

How to Clean a Vape Tank

If you are new to the vaping game, there are a couple of things you are likely to overlook as you focus on the real business. How to clean a vape tank, for instance. This is one of those it’s-the-little-stuff-that-matters things: minor but absolutely essential. An unclean vape device is bound to give off unpleasant tastes and will not be up to snuff in terms of performance. You see, when e-liquid is vaporised, it leaves behind a thin film of gunk which builds up on your coils and tank. If not cleaned, this residue will affect the way you vape and compromise your e-juice taste. And we don’t want that. What’s more, good vape maintenance is considerably cheaper in the long run as it will save you from purchasing a new atomiser every now and then. So, putting in a little elbow grease once in a while doesn’t hurt. Question is, how do you go about it?

How to Clean a Vape Tank: A Standard Rinse

A standard rinse takes the hassle out of vape cleaning by letting you perform a quick rinse of your tank. Start by dismantling the tank by separating the parts, including the atty head if your device has one. Take out the O-rings gently to remove any liquid left behind. Rinse them parts under running water then use a smooth paper towel to dry them. If you haven’t cleaned your device in a while, it’s good to give the tank a deeper scrub. Heat up some water in a cup or bowl, then place the disassembled tank in the hot water until the water cools down. Remove the tank and rinse it again under running water. Dry the tank gently with a paper towel, then spread all the parts out to give them enough time to completely dry before reassembling. A blow-dryer can speed up this process, but we would advise against since too much heat can damage the O-rings. Hence the reason you need to clean your tank when you won’t be needing the device for a few hours.

How to Clean a Vape Tank: PG Soak

You may also choose to soak your device components in unflavoured PG liquid in place of water. Propylene glycol is available without any nicotine or flavouring, so opt for this. The reason for using PG and not VG-based e-juice is because VG is more viscous which makes cleaning difficult. To clean, take disassembled parts and submerge them in a bowl or cup containing PG. Allow them to soak overnight then place the tank on a dry napkin and let it drip dry. In case you’re wondering, cleaning using PG has two major benefits over water. It is excellent for removing any leftover flavour given the liquid’s ability to absorb tastes, and second, it has the potential to slightly extend the life of your O-rings as it does not have the same drying effect as water.

How to Clean a Vape Tank: Ultrasonic Cleaners

Used prevalently in jewellery and device cleaning, ultrasonic cleaners guarantee your vape tank the most thorough wash. They are best used for those instances when you want to clean several devices at once. Today, it is possible to find cleaners specially designed for vapes, although the cleaner doesn’t have to be made for vape devices for it to work. Cleaning is as easy as putting the cleaner in a cleaning tank with water (and a few drops of dishwashing liquid for even better results – optional) then running it until the vape components are sparkling. Just don’t forget to rinse your tank properly, then allow some time to dry.

How to Clean a Vape Tank: Alternative Cleaning Solutions

In addition to the above, there are other inexpensive, readily available alternatives which guarantee better results, at least compared to water:

  • Ethanol – Also known as grain alcohol, ethanol is a highly effective substance for cleaning vape devices without any risk of damage.
  • Baking soda – Another good cleaning agent that can get your tanks squeaking clean.
  • Vinegar – Very acidic in nature, when cleaning with vinegar make sure to rinse and rinse the components again after soaking lest it leaves a lasting smell or burns onto your coils.
  • Cheap vodka – Where ethanol works, so too can vodka. So, your bottle just found another use, ta-dah.
Cleaning your vape tank all comes down to your preference with regard to cleaning agent and how clean you want your device to be. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

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