Converting to Vaping in 5 Easy Steps

May 23, 2023

Converting to Vaping in 5 Easy Steps

Quitting smoking is hard. That much there is no doubt. Prior to the advent of the modern-day electronic cigarette, nicotine replacement products were faulted for being ineffective substitutes for cigarettes. This saw many smokers falter several times along the way before successfully managing to ditch the habit – for those who were lucky. As the electronic cigarette advanced, it gradually became the go-to alternative for most smokers looking to quit. And it’s fair to say vaping’s success rate has been pretty decent – this is why it has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century. If you are planning to make the big switch, there isn’t much to it, although there is a small learning curve that can help make the experience more seamless.

Step 1: Choose your Experience

Before buying your first vape device, it can serve you well to think about what it is you like about tobacco cigarettes as this should guide your choice of vape. Do you smoke for the nicotine satisfaction and desire an experience that promises a punchy hit? Most people do. Or do you live for the sensory aspects of smoking – maybe you prefer menthols or flavoured cigarettes or cigars and would fancy something that caters to this desire? Also, how important are clouds to you? Do you prefer to go big or be a little more surreptitious? Similarly, are you looking for a large device that makes an impression or would you rather something smaller and more pocket-friendly? Once you are clear on what you need here, it’s time to hit the shops!

Step 2: Pick your Device

Vaping gives you a wealth of options when it comes to type of device. While there are benefits to this variety, it can also make it more daunting when it comes to finding the ideal device for you. This is why the previous step is super important. Vape devices come in four types (three technically), but you might as well forget the cig-a-likes – the first generation of e-cigarettes – which is not exactly the bee’s knees. That leaves vape pens (aka personal vaporisers), pod vapes (aka vape pods or pod mods), and mods and sub-ohms. If you are switching from combustibles to e-cigs, sub-ohms and mods are not the ideal devices to usher yourself into vaping as these are powerful devices more apt for later down the road. Plus, you will find them underwhelming as far as nicotine satisfaction goes (or flavour enjoyment), although they are big on cloud production. Vape pens or personal vaporisers are ideal for most people making the switch to vaping, and they also happen to be the most diverse category. Research on the best starter kits and choose a device that is not complicated to use or charge. To get you started, the AV Series 2 and SMOK’s Vape Pen 22 are excellent choices for starter kits. The Innokin Go S Pen and Innokin Jem Pen Kit are also ideal for smokers and beginners. As for pod vapes, these are perfect for smokers who place high priority in nicotine satisfaction. They are smooth and more satisfying than regular vaporisers as they make use of nicotine salts as opposed to regular e-liquid. Good thing is, the growth of the industry has seen nicotine salt e-liquid become available in refillable form, so it is now possible to purchase it separately for your vape pen. Our very own Nano Disposable and Click & Vape Refillable Kit, available in a multitude of flavour options, are perfect choices for pod vapes. 

Step 3: Select your Vape Juice

With the hardware part done, the hard part is out of the way. E-liquid choice mostly boils down to personal taste and preferences, but the endless list of brands and flavours can make e-liquid selection a pain. There are a few things you need to keep in mind here. One, e-liquids come in many different flavours, but all these flavours can be grouped into a handful of categories – tobacco, menthol, and fruit flavours are the most common today. Two, e-liquids can either be PG-based or VG-based, depending on which component is more pronounced, although they are also available in a 50/50 mix which is quite popular and a good starting point for those making the switch from smoking. The type of e-liquid as regards PG and VG has a say in the device you are going to use, or vice-versa: your choice of device has a bearing on the type of e-liquid you will need to choose. What’s more, e-liquids are available in different nicotine strengths.

Step 4: Get the Right Parts

E-cig devices are not designed to last forever. Every once in a while, you will need to replace certain parts such as coils and the tank, and compatibility here is crucial. To avoid confusion, opt for like-for-like replacements if you are unsure about the compatibility. But you can always ask us for assistance because we are here for you. When purchasing your first device, investing in a complete starter kit makes sense. That’s because starter kits come bundled with everything you need to start vaping right away. The rest you will figure out as you go along.

Step 5: Read the Instructions and Start Vaping

It may sound hackneyed, but it doesn’t hurt to read through the guidelines that come with your device. This ensures you do not overlook anything and that you get the most out of your first vape. And with that, you are ready for your first vape!

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