May 23, 2023


Although vaping is a relatively safe activity, there are still dangers users should be aware of when it comes to their vaporizer batteries. Build-your-own devices have higher risk of battery abuse, but even standard models pose risk to users if mishandled. Here are a few tips to keep your vaporizer batteries as safe as possible.

Store Properly

The first step in battery safety is proper storage. Batteries should never be exposed to extreme heat or cold, moisture, or metal objects. These can damage the battery or even cause a fire. Always store loose batteries in a protective case and properly dispose of old batteries.

Take Care How You Charge It

When charging your battery, ensure it has proper ventilation to prevent overheating. Avoid charging on a pillow or other soft materials that would prevent the heat from properly escaping. Overcharging a battery can also lead to overheating and internal damage, so avoid charging it overnight. Some charging cables that come with vaporizers have an automatic shut-off when it’s fully charged, but even these can fail sometimes. Never use a charger that is incompatible with your battery, as it can lead to overcharging and cause damage to the battery itself.

Quality Matters

Batteries that come in kits will always be the safest to use with that device, but sometimes users like to experiment with different batteries to achieve the perfect balance of temperature and vapor production. When searching for a battery, you may be tempted to fit your device with the cheapest one possible. However, when it comes to batteries, cheap quality can end up costing you big if they malfunction while in use. IMR, INR, and NMC type batteries are more stable and less likely to explode even if they malfunction. Look for name-brand batteries that you can trust to deliver high-quality products, and always choose one that fits snugly in your device. Never use a dented or otherwise damaged battery.

Pair with a Complimentary Device

There is a delicate balance between which batteries and coils will work together and which ones can cause shortages and even explosions when paired together. If you are going to tamper with your device, make sure you understand how coils and batteries function, and which ones will work best in your device. No matter what types of coils or batteries you build your device with, always make sure that the discharge rate never exceeds the amp rating. To calculate the discharge rate, divide the voltage of the battery by the resistance of the coils. This is the most important piece of battery safety one can keep in mind. Stories of vaporizer battery explosions are typically from users improperly pairing batteries with coils, not from a malfunction of the device itself. Usually MOD building is left to veteran vapers who take the time to learn the physics behind vaping. Beginners can start by purchasing a vaping kit and go from there.

Vaporizer batteries are like any other battery—they require proper storage and handling to avoid disaster. When batteries are abused, they can cause harm. It’s important to stay well-versed on batteries and battery safety to keep your sessions as safe as possible.

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