The Ultimate Guide To Vape Eliquids

The Ultimate Guide To Vape Liquids

Vaping has become incredibly popular over the past decade, with e-cigarettes going from bulky pieces of kit into unique accessories that can enhance your look and your life.

Today, there are hundreds of options for every vaper, so that no matter what your tastes and background, you can enjoy an amazing experience from the start.

When you start vaping, there are a lot of choices that you need to make. There are the fun ones, such as choosing the right starter kit, as well as the more boring ones, such as how often you’ll use your vape pen and if you’ll vape in the house.

One of the major decisions you need to make is what type of e-liquid you’ll use when you start vaping. If you don’t know much about the world of vaping and e-liquid, then you might struggle to find the perfect one.

Thanks to the growing popularity of vaping, there are now many different types of e-liquid on the market. The types of e-liquid range from nicotine-free to 18mg to 20mg nic salt, and all the nicotine strengths in between.

There are also many different flavours of e-liquid, ranging from standard treats like fruit and sweets through to more unique flavours, such as menthol and ice mint. You can also get traditional tobacco flavour e-liquid if you want to replicate the smoking experience faithfully.

With so many different types available, you’ve got a lot of choices to make. Choosing the wrong e-liquid could lead you to waste money on vape juice that you don’t use and ruin your first vaping experience.

If you’re new to vaping, then you need to find the right nicotine strength and type of vape liquid, as we’ll discuss in this guide.

What Is Vape Liquid?

Vape liquid, also known as e-liquid or vape juice, is the liquid that makes your mod produce the vapour from which vaping gets its name.

All e-liquids are made up of four main ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), water and flavouring. Vape liquid can also contain nicotine if you want it.

Each of these ingredients plays a vital part in the composition of your vape liquid and your enjoyment of your vaping experience.

PG is a colourless liquid that is faintly fruity. It’s a common food additive and is also used in many cosmetic products, so it’s perfectly safe.

VG is a thicker liquid product made from plants. Together, PG and VG form the basis of any e-liquid and give it the right consistency to ensure that it produces vapour correctly.

As VG is thicker than PG, the ratio of the two will affect the vaping experience that you get from your e-liquid.

More VG in your vape liquid will create a thicker vapour and more flavour hit. More PG in your e-liquid will give you less flavour but less vapour.

So, the ratio of each ingredient you choose in your e-liquid depends on what you want to get out of vaping.

If you’re looking for a flavourful smooth hit, then a higher PG ratio, such as 70 PG to 30 VG. For vapers who want to create loads of vapour and do amazing tricks with their vape pen, then a higher VG ratio will work better.

For a balanced ratio, which creates a perfect combination of flavour and vapour, you can choose 50 VG to 50 PG, which is made up of half of each ingredient.

Neither of these ingredients has a strong taste, which is why vape liquid makers add flavours to their e-liquids. There are many different flavours to choose from, so you can find one that suits your tastes!

Water is also added to vape juice to help it produce the beautiful vapour that users love. The more water in your vape liquid, the more vapour you can produce and the more voluminous it will be when you puff it out.

Finally, the optional extra that you can choose to have in your e-liquid is nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance used in cigarettes, so it’s optional in vape liquid. If you’ve never smoked before and are new to vaping, then it might not be advisable to choose an e-liquid with nicotine.

If you used to smoke, then you can choose an e-liquid with nicotine to help wean you off cigarettes. Each e-liquid has a different nicotine strength, so you can choose the right one to suit your needs.

Keep reading, and we’ll discuss some of the most common types of e-liquids and how you can choose the perfect one for your mod and lifestyle.

Regular E-Liquids

Most e-liquid suppliers refer to regular e-liquids as products that contain the four primary ingredients, as well as additional nicotine if required.

The e-liquids come in a range of strengths. The strength of an e-liquid refers to how much nicotine it contains.

An e-liquid with a strength of 0mg contains no nicotine. Many e-liquid manufacturers offer strengths of 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg.

Regular e-liquids can come in a range of flavours and different strengths so that you can find the right one. You might want to try the lowest strength first, then work your way up so that you don’t buy vape liquid that doesn’t taste good and give you the right nicotine hit.

When using regular e-liquid, you simply pour it into the tank of your vape pen, and you’re good to start vaping.

Regular e-liquids give a burst of flavour combined with a good throat hit and are great for vaping beginners. These products come in a range of flavours, so you can find one that you’ll enjoy.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

Nicotine salt e-liquids, often known as nic salts, offer a stronger nicotine hit than regular e-liquids thanks to their unique composition.

In nic salt products, the nicotine is extracted from the tobacco leaf and then combined with benzoic acid, which is also commonly used as a food preservative.

Most regular e-liquids use freebase nicotine, which is our nicotine. In nic salts, the nicotine and benzoic acid produce a lower PH than freebase nicotine. This lower PH means that nic salts turn to vapour at a lower temperature.

So, what does all this mean for vapours? Simply put, nicotine salts give you the chance to enjoy a stronger nicotine and throat hit while using less e-liquid.

Using less e-liquid in your vape pen means that you’ll spend less money on your vaping habit whilst at the same time still enjoying the taste and nicotine hit that you want.

Nic salt is a newer trend in vaping and is one that’s fast becoming incredibly popular. If you’re looking to enjoy the nicotine hit that you got from smoking and wean yourself off cigarettes slowly, then this could be the ideal e-liquid for you.


If you’re looking to show off your vaping skills and create plumes of vapour, then Sub-Ohm vape juice is a product you should explore.

While the type of vape pen you use affects the amount of vapour that you can produce, you also need to make sure you use the right type of e-liquid.

Sub-Ohm e-liquid is an advanced type of vaping, also known as mouth to lung vaping, which is the process of vaping e-liquids that produce heavy plumes of vapour.

These e-liquids use a significantly higher percentage of vegetable glycerine to create large clouds of vapour that look amazing.

Sub-Ohm vape juice is designed to give you the taste you crave alongside the plumes of vapour that you love.

These e-liquids come in a wide range of tasty flavours so that you can find a tasty Sub-Ohm vape liquid that’s perfect for any vaper.

When you’re Sub-Ohm vaping, you need to think about more than just your vape juice. You also need to find the right vape device to suit your new hobby.

E-Liquid Pods

Vape juice pods can contain almost any type of e-liquid, but they’re unique because of the way you use them.

Instead of pouring the e-liquid into your tank, you simply pop in a pod and get vaping! It’s a handy way to refill your vape pen, particularly if you’re new to vaping and unsure about how your device works.

If you want to use e-liquid pods, then you need to make sure that you buy a pod vape kit. If you try to use pods in the wrong type of vaping device, then it won’t work, and you might break your device.

Make sure that you fit your pod into your device correctly by following the instructions that come with the vape pen and the pods.

Vape pods come in almost every flavour and strength, so whatever your preference, you can find the perfect pod.

If you keep a selection of pods handy in your bags, pockets and car dashboard, then you’ll always have one handy if you feel the need for a vape hit.

These solutions also come as a refillable pods, so you can reuse them and fill them with your e-liquid of choice.

Nic Shots

A nic shot is a bottle of pure nicotine, which is usually unflavoured and can be added to 0mg e-liquid to create a perfect, customised vape juice.

If you’re an experienced vaper, or a heavy smoker who wants a bigger nicotine hit, then a nicotine shot could be a great addition to your vaping arsenal.

You can use these small bottles of pure nicotine to enhance your existing vape liquid, which is particularly useful if you bought the wrong strength e-liquid in the past and don’t want to waste it.

Vaping might be an expensive hobby, but with nic shots, you can save money and ensure that you don’t waste a drop of your precious e-liquid.

Nic shots are also ideal for using in shortfill e-liquid bottles to top up your supply and create a tasty combination. Don’t add a nic shot directly into a 10ml bottle; these productsare designed for the shorfills. So, you could try a 60ml bottle filled with 50ml 0mg juice. When they add in the nic shot makes it 3mg. As well as the unflavoured versions, we also have a sour one, a fizz one, and a menthol one, so you can find the nic shot you desire.

Shortfill E-Liquids

Nic shots come in handy if you choose to buy shortfill e-liquids, which are bottles of vape juice that are only filled 80% to the top with 0mg e-liquid.

That means that you can fill the remaining space with a nic shot to customise your e-liquid and give you the strength that you want.

Shortfill e-liquids, which come in a larger bottle size than standard e-liquids, can be ideal for Sub-Ohm vapers and anyone who wants to practice amazing vaping tricks. You’ll need a lot of vape juice to practice with, which is why larger, shortfill bottles could be a great choice.

It might surprise you to learn that some e-liquid providers underfill their bottles, but there’s actually a clever reason behind the practice.

The UK’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) states that any bottle of e-liquid containing nicotine has to be 10ml or less. However, if you have a very greedy vape pen or just vape a lot, then you might want to buy more vape juice.

As with many products, the more vape liquid you buy, the cheaper it is per ml. Therefore, shortfill bottles can be a great way to buy the flavoured e-liquid you enjoy at a price you love.

You can then use your nic shots to boost the nicotine content, if required, and save yourself money and still enjoy the highest quality vape juice.

Popular E-Liquid Flavours

All of these types of e-liquid come in a wide range of flavours. Every e-liquid manufacturer has a different take on each flavour and unique combinations, so you should take the time to find the e-liquid brands that you enjoy using.

Flavours range from British tobacco to innovative tastes such as wild berry or sweet cherry. There are also unique blends such as berry menthol.

Some e-liquids are designed to taste like your favourite dessert or sweets, such as lemon tart or candy apple.

Other e-liquids come with innovative names, such as black ice e-liquid, which combines cooling menthol with icy undertones to create an unforgettable vaping experience.

When you’re choosing a vape juice flavour, remember that the name and description won’t necessarily match the taste of the e-liquid exactly.

These flavours are artificial; obviously, you can’t put an actual fruit or dessert in a vape pen! However, they’ve been specially crafted to give you an amazing taste experience.

So, try out a few e-liquid flavours to find the ones you enjoy. Once you know you like a flavour, then you can buy a shortfill bottle or make a larger order.

How To Ensure You Never Run Out Of Vape Liquid

If you’re an avid vaper, then you don’t want to run out of e-liquid just when you fancy a puff! Whether you’re craving that nicotine hit or simply need to relieve some stress, it’s never great to see that your tank is empty and you’ve got no spare juice.

If your local vape shop is shut, and you can’t get your preferred flavour of e-liquid in your local supermarket, then what can you do to enjoy a delicious vape?

Vape juice has an expiry date, so it’s not as simple as buying a massive stock to keep for a rainy day. You’ll need to make sure you use your e-liquid before it goes bad, or else you won’t enjoy a fun vaping experience.

Thankfully, there are ways to ensure that you never run out of vape liquid. Many e-liquid providers offer subscription services, so once you’ve found your favourite flavour and brand, you can order it to be delivered at set times every month or week.

By using a vaping subscription service, you can ensure that you always have enough e-liquid. You’ll never need to rush out to buy extra, and if you add nicotine shots to your subscription, then you can adjust your vape liquid if it’s not strong enough for you.

If you’re using pods, then you can also use a subscription service. Pods are handy for vapers who are on the go and want to always have some vape juice on hand for when the need arises for a relaxing puff on their vape kit.

Choosing The Perfect E-Liquid

Selecting the right e-liquid takes time and research. Use guides like this to find out more about the different types of vape juice available.

Then you can browse collections of e-liquids and find the ones that will suit you. If possible, try to get a small bottle to start with when trying a new flavour or type, so you can see if you enjoy it before you invest in a larger container.

E-liquids don’t last forever and have a use-by date, so you won’t be able to keep them forever and should make the most of them.

Once you know what you like, you can buy larger bottles of your favourite e-liquids to save yourself money.

If you want to find out more about the range of e-liquids and e-cigarettes on offer at AquaVape, then contact us.

Our team of experts can advise you on choosing the right equipment and e-liquids to start your vaping journey right.

Happy Vaping!